Authenticate this MICHAEL KORS

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  1. it seems very unlikely that tj maxx would have fake bags, i would bet the ranch it's legit. if you're really concerned some more pics would be helpful
  2. Thank you!
  3. Occasionally, I have heard that TJ Maxx has had fake bags when people have made fraudulent returns (swapped a fake bag for a real one) but they have lots of legit MK bags there.

    In order to have any idea whether the bag is authentic or not you needs some better pics. Better lighting, less blurry and closeups of the interior, hardware, etc.

    It's probably fine, though.

  4. yes this bag is 100% authentic, it is selling really cheap, this retail;s for 179 plus tax. It is only missing the mk charm, but if you get a good deal, you can get the charm on eBay for less than 25 bucks! good luck!!!
  5. Not intending to double post, this also exists in the purse ID forum, but saw this forum and though this was a better place to ask about a MK bag. I'm curious if anyone can ID this bag:


    I picked it up on eBay just now and liked the look of the bag, but have no idea what the story is with it. For $80, I figured the damage couldn't be that great. The seller seems to have mislisted the bag.

    Anyways here's the link to the auction that just ended.

    I'm not sure how/if eBay covers fakes (again at worst it's $80), but the seller claimed it was authentic michael kors, should mean ebay will cover it. They claim it was bought last year for $1499 (have no idea how valid this might be).

    Regardless, would really appreciate any help here, in browsing the 2010 thread here, I didn't see the bag, but I'm assuming it's at least a fake of a real MK bag, so hopefully you guys are at least able to ID it. I know the pics aren't great.

    BTW, wondering what everyone thinks about the joan bags? noticed they have gone on sale at alot of places recently. I'm wondering if the hamilton (if I can find one in the similar sub $200 retail store pricerange)
  6. :tup: This one's definitely authentic but it's obviously the satchel. I'm not sure why they have tote in the title. Just to grab search traffic, I guess.
  7. Thank you!!!
  8. I'm not able to identify the bag but am writing in regard to Ebay's return policy. You can return any item if it is not real if you do so within 45 days. Just be sure to send the bag with tracking so you can confirm that the seller recieved it. Once they do they must refund you the money you spent for the bag plus the original shipping cost. So if you are uneasy about this bag you will get your money back. Just dont wait too long and dont forget the tracking number! Best wishes!

  9. TJMAXX, MARSHALL'S AND ANNIE SEZ ALL SELL REAL MICHAEL KORS BAGS. They purchase overstock from Dept stores like macy's and will get them at a discount and that is how they are able to charge less money. I buy a majority of my handbags from Tj maxx. So enjoy your bag its beautiful!
  10. The bag does not look too promising. The logo stamped into the leather outside looks right but I agree the interior lining looks off. I have three michael kors handbags all purchased at different times and I have never seen a lining like this. Be careful. Best wishes!
  11. I believe this is one of those free gifts with the purchase of $x.xx in perfume, so the interior and look of the bag will not be the same quality of one of his actual handbags. ;)
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