Authenticate This Marco Tagliaferri

  1. Hi ladies, could you please help authenticate this MT? TIA!!!

    Item: Marco Tagliaferri black silver hardware medium birkin
    Listing number: 370526703908
    Seller: curri2004

    Apparently it was bought from HGbags another listing:

    I haven't read of fakes on this bag yet as it's virtually unknown, but if you could please have a look, I would be grateful for life!! :biggrin: Cheers!
  2. Hi Serena - sorry to see your post unanswered! Did you get the MT bag?
  3. Hi Anna 525,

    Its ok! I ended up not getting it from eBay. I was concern about the size. I ended up ordering a medium MT from Erica at HGBags since she has a special running. I am excited and cannot wait!

    Do you have any recommendations on care and tips on what to avoid? I have actually posted on the MT thread about feed backs and then thought wth and went with it! Lol.

  4. I found this bag on eBay and would really like to bid on it but don't want to get scammed. please help me tell if this is an authentic bag.

    Item: Marco Tagliaferri medium bag, black
    Listing number: 290768840638
    Seller: nathanp2011

    Thank you in advance! wish me luck =)
  5. Hey, I'm no expert but I have an identical MT bag with silver hardware and from the photos, it looks exactly like mine! Good luck!!