Authenticate This MARC JACOBS

  1. i know I rushed into it when i should have asked for pictures of the actual bag first
  2. Thank you so much thithi :smile:
  3. Thankyou! She hasn't replied to me yet. It's just she calls it a MBMJ bag yet it has a Marc Jacobs dustbag.
    Thanks for your help :biggrin:
  4. i think it's real. the dustbag is MBMJ....they did them differently back then
  5. Hi,

    Please authenticate this Grey Cecilia before it's over? Thanks!

    Item : Grey "Cecilia" Marc Jacobs Handbag
    Listing number : 190556473542
    Seller : j.warter

  6. Looks promising but we need to see pictures of the underside of the zipper head and the season tags.