Authenticate This MARC JACOBS

  1. looks ok so far but season tag sewn in interior pocket will confirm... doesn't look like a mini stam, rather a full size stam... price is a touch on the high side IMO
  2. waiting on the season tag but can it get a thumbs up/down from these at all? i'm not so good with cammie's. TIA!

    item: Marc Jacobs Metallic Silver Leather Handbag Bag
    seller: bigchicken0215
  3. Hello Thithi,

    Good evening.

    I want to thank you first for looking into the bags I posted yesterday. You had asked to see season tags of both bags. Seller did sent the pictures to me; but, for some reason, I couldn't upload them here. The season tags for both bags read "RE11". Are they correct?

    Thank you.

    Item Name: Marc Jacobs The Large Single Bright Yellow C3113018 NIB
    Item #: 170857355081
    Seller I.D.: coffeemom777

    Bag 2:
    Item Name: Marc Jacobs Mini Stam Bright Yellow C3121001
    Item #: 170857367968
    Seller I.D.: coffeemom777

    Thank you again.

  4. looks good to me so far!
  5. try uploading on and then posting here.
  6. thanks thithi!
  7. Thanks soo much! I am going to contact the seller and see if she's still willing to sell it since the listed ended. My only hesitation was I'm scared it's heavy, thoughts? Sorry I don't know if it's okay to post this here?
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    I was just about to post a question for the same bags. Thought I'd post pictures of the season tags.

    Here they are:

    So any thoughts?

  9. that looks correct to me!
  10. Thank you! :biggrin: