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    Please post authenticity questions related to Marc Jacobs in this thread.

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  2. Hi all,

    I have known this useful forum for a long time but it's very first time I post a thread here. Actually, I'm fall in love with Cecillia and one of my friend ask me to buy it from other. However, I'm still wondering whether it is authentic or fake one.

    Could you guys please help me to authenticate this.

    Thank you so much!

  3. :welcome2:to tPF!!!:welcome:

    More pics are needed in order to determine its authenticity
    If you can take pics of the following, we should be able to tell you:
    (1) the dated serial tag from inside the inner pocket;
    (2) the back of the zipperhead from the main zipper - the zipperhead is the part of the zipper that's actually attached to the bag and faces the inside (it's the piece that actually moves). If you open the bag all the way, it's a pretty easy pic to take (if it's possible, the same pic from the front pocket would also be helpful, but this might be difficult because the pockets so small); and
    (2) the gold foiled/heat stamp name from inside the bag (the one that has the designer's name inside the bag)

    Once you've taken these pics, either attach them to your msg or provide us w/a link to see them
  4. thoses are the only ones she gave me...she doesnt have any more.

  5. I wouldn't buy from a seller that refused to provide extra pictures to confirm authenticity. :nogood: Try asking her to take more detailed pictures. For the MbMJ wallet please request pictures of the zipper pull, the nameplate, and the turnlocks. For the MJ Collection wallet please request clear pictures of the interior of the wallet, the pushlock, the nameplate or heatstamp, the zipper head (if it has one) and the season tag.
  6. ok thank you.Im asking right now for these photos....if she sends nothing...i wont buy.
  7. Seeing clearer pictures of the workwear tag and the zippers would be ideal, but this looks good to me.
  8. baby stam.jpg
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