Authenticate This Marc Jacobs

  1. ^ Like I said before, we need to see pictures of the underside of the zipper heads and the season tag. The pictures of the nameplate and interior suede don't help with authentication of this bag.
  2. The seller just contacted me since I asked about her photos and she said she'll send me the photos. I also asked for closeups of the zipper pull and the made in tag sewn inside.
  3. Thanks you so much thithi
  4. Okay here are the photos that she sent me. Unfortunately I am having trouble figuring out how to load them into this post directly so if you look in my profile, I created an album and they are there. I'm sorry I couldn't post them here. Please let me know if you have any problems with viewing them.
  5. Marc Jacobs Small Beach Bag
    Item: Marc Jacobs Small Beach Bag
    Listing Number: 330580717197
    Seller: duckgoose

    I have requested pics of the zipperhead and season tag sewn inside the interior zip pocket per thithi's suggestion (thank you!) but have not heard back. Can any conclusions be drawn from the pics provided? Thank you again for your help.