Authenticate this Marc Jacobs Stam!

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Apr 1, 2010
I was given a Marc Jacobs Stam as a gift. I'm curious if its real or not.
The hardware is light gold, the leather looks and smells great, the zippers look good.

There aren't any interior tags besides in the interior zip pocket. This says "F05 610" its black with white writing.

There are two cards that came with it, one says "Controllo N.31" and the other says Quilted Nappa/Quilted Icy Leather and how to care for it, more about it, etc.

The zipper teeth part has a $ on it. The Zipper pull says Marc Jacobs and the exterior zipper pull has a leather tassle.

The kiss lock on top says marc jacobs and the accompanying chain says Marc Jacobs on the clasp. The chain feels lighter then I would expect.

It has a white Marc Jacobs hang tag on it, but no price tag.

Came with white dustbag that says Marc Jacobs.

I apologize for the pictures, I took them with my iphone in not the best light. There is no stuffing in the bag, maybe thats why it looks a bit "deflated".

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