Authenticate This LV: READ the rules & use the format in post #1

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  1. Fake
  2. i understand that you are busy and you are doing it for free, but could you PLEASE help me with at least one this bag ? My seller is getting frustrated, angry, stressed and paranoid about my intentions :/ She said she will definitely relist my bag if i won't decide what to do, it's already 6th day i won :sad: Please, guys..

    Item name: LOUIS VUITTON ALMA MM AMARANTE - original with receipt
    Item number: 281070159752
    Seller: 09bonnienclyde

    you would save me with some verdict..
    million thanks
  3. Thank you, once I get the bag I will take some better pictures so you can have a better look, thank you for your time
  4. The pics are simply not good enough and lots are missing for an authentication, the list of pics we need are in post 1
  5. Need closer pic of font on canvas square
  6. Please re-post your request
  7. Need clearer pics of all hardware engravings, all required markings pics (see list in my siggy)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.