Authenticate This Luella

  1. Hi!

    I found this eBay auction for a chocolate Luella Stevie with silver hardware. I love the style, but know relatively nothing about Luella bags. Is this the right place to get opinions on its authenticity? Can anyone help me?

    eBay: NEW LUELLA 'STEVIE' BAG (item 130031018665 end time Sep-27-06 22:41:00 PDT)

    Also - any of you Luella owners (especially Stevie) - how do you like the bags? I have also seen this bag with antiqued brass hardware, which I actually prefer...did the hardware change for Fall 06?

  2. I'm assuming you haven't received the bag yet. To my knowledge, bags of that vintage were only made in Turkey. If the bag was made in Turkey, you're OK. Sometimes it is hard to find the tag -- you may have to look inside an interior pocket and turn the lining inside out.
  3. thanks!!!
  4. Please ask the seller where the bag was made. The tag should be inside the interior zippered pocket -- she may have to completely turn it inside out to see it. Don't tell her this, but if the bag was made in Turkey it should be OK.
  5. asked- we shall see if she answers...I hope so- I REALLY want one!
  6. Hi! I have pink Luella and it is authentic, I got it at NM, this one is very, very similar....the pink linig, the hardware.....I think it is real. I would check the vendor's feedback and see how many negatives, etc they have had. You click on the number by their name. Also, you can scroll what they have sold and click the ebay number to get the they have sold many black bags I'd be worried. Personally, I would sell my bags on Ebay once I'm tired of them and I know its hard to stand apart from all the, I think it is real. Hope that helps.....Z
  7. Ask the seller where the bag was made. The origin tag should be inside the zippered pocket -- she may have to turn it completely inside out to see it. These style bags were all made in Turkey (but don't tell her that first).

  8. Thanks for the info.........she has great feedback, and I don't see where she has ever sold a Luella.......I asked where she bought it and if she had the sleeper, receipt and tag, but haven't heard back yet......:wondering

  9. Thanks for the tip about the tag..........e-mailed her the question.....also e-mailed her questions earlier, hope she reply, no bidding on my part! I appreciate your help! BTW........what do you think is a fair price, if it is authentic, for this bag? Thanks again!!;)
  10. As with the other bag that's talked about in this thread, please ask the seller where the bag was made. It should have been made in Turkey.

    In my opinion, this is a good price (but only if it's authentic!). I can't remember what they retailed for but I believe the small ones sold for at least $700 USD when they were first released.
  11. Help!! I have e-mailed the seller twice and got no response, then today, don't know what I was thinking, I placed a bid.....last I checked there was 40 minutes left and I am the high bidder...I'm hoping I don't I emailed the the seller one more time and asked about the tag inside.....I told her I emailed her twice before and had not gotten any response from her and now I'm uncomfortable....I wasn't trying to be rude to her, but she should at least respond.......

    I win the auction, what should I do? :shrugs: