Authenticate This Louis Vuitton Site!


    Seems way too good to be true..the pictures they are showing are of authentic bags but the ONLY form of payment this women takes is MONEY ORDERS. And who in the world would sell a LV for that cheap when they could put them on eBay and make double!? I dont know has anyone heard of this site???
  2. yikes.. i wouldn't count on it..
  3. Louis Vuitton is only sold on That is their official e-tailer. No other website sells authentic LV. Your other option, of course, is to purchase a bag in a boutique or buy it pre-loved on eBay (of course, have us authenticate it first for peace of mind).
  4. Well I'll speak from my own personal experience, at first I was skeptical.
    but after I placed my 1st order with I am a customer for life :tup:
    I purchased a Speedy25 I took it to Saks to the Louis Vuitton sales associate, I am so glad it wasn't to busy at the time. The sales associate was very nice, she confirmed it was an authentic. I got my PreOwned bag for $350. I think I got an awesome deal for a slightly used bag. I will definetely shop there again. I give that site two thumps up:tup::tup:
  5. Even if she's selling real bags, I would stay away from a site that only takes money orders. She could take your money and run and you'd have no recourse. Also, she says she only issues refunds in the form of money orders. She could send you a fake money order. Another person asked about this site, because they sent money and have been getting the run around and no item. I also seem to recall someone else posting saying that this site ripped them off too. Here's the post:
  6. :tup::tup::tup:i give them 3 thumbs up!! i don't think they will run your money or what. i bought 4 handbags and i don't have a problem with them at all. they will answer all your questions and email you asap.:okay:
  7. ^^you must be the owner of that website because no one else has anything good to say and your a bit to fond of the thumbs up happy faces--too weird.
  8. Nowhere on the site is a physical address listed. If you send this online store a money order, good luck getting anything back if something bad happens with your transaction.

    In my opinion, you should never purchase anything online unless you use a credit card for your own protection.
  9., all I can say is DO NOT BUY FROM THAT SITE!!! I was one of her (Mari Adams, owner) victims. I lost $820.00 last August and I know I'll never see it.

    Her website has been reported by several people now to the IC3, FBI, USPS, BBB, She's a theif and a liar.

    Not only does she sell FAKES, when you write her and tell her you want your money back, she never sends it. You can only e-mail her and she simply stops answering your e-mails. Check out, do a search for and you will see the various reports about this loser.

    You are also correct in that the "thumbs up" user IS in fact, Mari Adams, posing as others to drum up business. Anything you see about her website that is positive was written by her, incognito. You have no idea the lengths this woman will go to, she LOVES posing as other people and trying to retaliate.

    PLEASE spread the word about this fradulent website. Sorry this was so long, but, I sure would hate to see any more people ripped off by her!!