Authenticate This Louis Vuitton >> Please read the rules & use the format in post #1

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  1. Can you take a look at these as well?

    Item: pont neuf
    no: 160399957964
    seller: msshoegal

    item: pont neuf
    no: 400101128480
    seller: luxury-zurich

    Comment: Did they change the gold hardware to silver in 04 or 05?

    Thank you
  2. They said there is no interior heat stamp so I assume that means that it's fake. Is it possible for there to be no interior heat stamp. Thanks again!

    Originally Posted by ag1414
    I went a bit crazy and did a buy it now on this purse before even really looking at it because the price was too good to be true. I now think that it is a fake. I have asked fo more pictures but I'm guessing that it will be obvious to experts so I was just wondering if you could tell with this one picture if it is fake. Thank you!

    Item name: Louis Vuitton Handbag NEED to SELL Authentic HOT HOT
    Item number: 160401484913
    Seller: bluestellacat

    I cannot tell from that pic. Wait for the pics BEFORE paying. Need close ups of the LV heatstamps(on leaf,clochette),date code,full interior,LV engraved on pushlock and screws behind it.
  3. Hi experts. Please authenticate this for me. Thanks in advance!

    Item Name: Monogram Speedy 25
    Datecode: SD0035








  4. Looks Good :tup:
  5. #4926 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
    Please don't pay - this is fake.

    It IS sometimes difficult to see the heatstamp on multicolor bags though.

    EDIT: just saw Lee asked for more pics - did you ask for those (the other ones besides the heatstamp)?

  6. My guess is the vachetta is messy on the front of the shoes and she doesn't want you to see ;)

  7. Ahhh - OK thanks, I was very confused ;)
  8. NOT AGAIN!!!

    STAY AWAY - this seller is a scammer! I have gotten her off of etsy before but now she's back!

    Her pics are stolen -- I spoke to one person who bought for her and she sent them a fake bag - bait and switch!
  9. Thanks Lee69, I had a feeling because some of the things weren't matching up with it. That sure stinks, some fakes are so obvious but they're getting so good. I sure don't want to be seen wearing a fake so thanks for your input. I probably wont get my money back but I might get in store credit.

    I have a question, it's illegal for stores to sell fakes right? There's a certain thrift store that's always got those ugly busted fakes and they're charging $50.00 or more for them in their store. But on their auction site they state that they guarantee authenticity, according to the law. Think this is a way for them to sell the fakes they get without getting in trouble? Sorry, I just wish they'd stop with the replicas.:tdown:

  10. I'm usually not good with damier - but I'm pretty sure that's fake. Although LV can sometimes have plastric on it - that's overload and I don't think it should have any paper on it.

  11. You got one response but she asked for a seconder - so here I is =)

    Looks good :tup:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.