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Jun 8, 2006
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Please post authenticity questions related to Louis Vuitton in this thread.

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May 20, 2009
Help me, please.
So my friend got a Louis Vuitton. By looking at it I told her it was fake. You know, just a few signs. No date code (although this does not always scream fake), "Louis Vuitton" not evenly stamped on the inside and such even oxidation throughout the purse (even on the piping) and the LV's were so off point of matching with eachother. She said she took it to the Vuitton store and 4 people there said it was authentic. So I looked it up and the style is Musette Salsa. I have looked at about 35 different listing for this bag and they are not lined in brown fabric like hers is. Does anyone know if they would switch up the lining? I have not found even 1 Musette Salsa bag with this brown lining. It also looks like the strap was sealed with red plastic. PLEASE, HELP! Here's a link so the same style:
Also, I know many people who have gone to Vuitton or Coach store and the employees dont know if the older bags are real or not. SO I COME TO YOU GOOD PEOPLE...


Nov 3, 2008
Originally Posted by ibezj View Post
Sorry about that. I asked to have this authenticated before but didn't have enough pictures.

Here are some more.

Looks OK, is the date code prefix "SD"?

It looks like it does say SD.

Thanks Lee!
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