Authenticate this Louis Vuitton Papillon 26

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Jan 3, 2007
Los Angeles
My friend got this louis vuitton papillon 26 and i think it looks kinda fishy is the inside of a papillon 26 suppost to have leather inside? It was made in 03 because i have a speedy 30 and a pochette i bought them back in 05 the inside is like cloth. Another question the straps are kinda cut of like where the strap meets back where its glued. You can harly see but yeah they are perfectly glued but they are cut off.

If someone has pictures of their papillon 26 or 30 I would love to see the straps (where they end like where they meet) and the inside please? THANKS!

See the straps? This is a cabas mezzo are the ends suppost to be like that? glued and cut off where they meet?
Feb 26, 2006
Yes, the papillon is supposed to have leather inside, and yes the straps on the mezzo are supposed to look like that. However, to authenticate either bag would require more pics than you have here. The folks in the LV thread that Lori directed you to should be able to tell you more.
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