Authenticate this Louis Vuitton Marais Damier

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  1. Hi there,

    I do hope that you can help me with a question. I have been told that this Marais bag originally came with a brown lining. :confused1:It is now made in coral/red and I would like to know if it ever came with the brown as I was offered one that the owner guaranteed was purchased in the Royal Exchange London, near Bank tube - and it was lined in a brown colour.:yes: Here is a pic of the bag that I am interested in. Can you authenticate it from this pic... everything is in the right place - when compared to the bag on the LV site, it is just the lining that worried me. :shrugs:
    Don't know enough about Louis Vuitton bags, other than it is always best to buy them from the actual store then you know that they are genuine. Thanks.... look forward to hearing back from somebody.
    Kind regards....

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Thread Status:
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