Authenticate This LOUIS VUITTON Alma

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Jun 22, 2012
Hi, all. I won an auction for a Louis Vuitton Alma. However, I am now concerned that it may not be authentic, because I have just learned of the Japanese super fakes that are floating around! The bag I won (and already paid for) is being shipped from Japan. When I viewed the other items that this seller has listed up for auction, I realized that they are all Louis Vuitton bags! Can anyone help me verify the authenticity of this bag? The last thing I want is a fake Louis Vuitton.

If the link to the auction doesn't work, let me know! Thank you.


Jun 22, 2012
Just realized that the above link no longer works. Here are some of the photos from the seller's listing:


  • fake lv 1.jpg
    fake lv 1.jpg
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  • fake lv 2.jpg
    fake lv 2.jpg
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  • fake lv 6.jpg
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  • fake lv 8.jpg
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  • fake lv 10.jpg
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  • fake lv 16.jpg
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  • fake lv 15.jpg
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  • fake lv 14.jpg
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  • fake lv 13.jpg
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  • fake lv 12.jpg
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