Authenticate This LONGCHAMP! -- Please refer to 1st post!!

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  1. Kindly authenticate this one please.

    Item Nam: LONGCHAMP Le Pliage Type "L" Short Handle
    color: Black
    Seller: eBay
    front.JPG back.JPG hole.JPG stamp.JPG stamp-back.JPG tag.JPG
  2. It's Real! :tup:
  3. Thank you so so much :heart:
    I still want to know the reason for this one that. Is it fake because of the tag? Seller don't have a good camera for the leather/other details, but if only the tag is real? here another pic of the tag. TIA
  4. Please repost your requests with proper format or quote your original post if youve posted additional photos. Thanks.
  5. Item Name: Longchamp 'Le Pliage Arbre de Vie ' Tote Long Handle
    color: White
    Seller : eBay
    Here addition photo of the bag. Thank you
    tag2.jpg front.jpg flip.jpg back.jpg
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    It's Real! :tup:
    (by the way, this should be the smaller shopping size with long handles or medium long handled tote- clarify that size with the seller)
  7. Oh, really, thank you so much.
  8. You're welcome. :smile:
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    Hello please authenticate :smile:

    Longchamp Le Pliage Autruche Croco - Medium/SH in Duck Blue

    Thank you in advance :smile:
  10. Please see firs page for necessary photos and check on the link. Thanks!
  11. updated :smile: please see post :smile: thanks in advance!
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    Hello! please authenticate :smile: thank you in advance!

    Longchamp Le Pliage Autruche Croco in Duck Blue - Medium Short Handle
    184195_100779463412616_1087630017_n.jpg 217092_100779140079315_1321991812_n.jpg 251534_100778690079360_608788148_n.jpg 285508_100778373412725_183405574_n.jpg 296797_100778236746072_380036857_n.jpg 396091_100778143412748_2079273927_n.jpg 399028_100778496746046_1584836186_n.jpg 423716_100778043412758_841217098_n.jpg 539008_100787930078436_1401604305_n.jpg
  13. It's an Authentic Autruche. :tup:
  14. cuir1.JPG cuir2.JPG cuir3.JPG cuir4.JPG cuir5.JPG cuir6.JPG
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