Authenticate This LONGCHAMP! -- Please refer to 1st post!!

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  1. I've searched everywhere, but cannot find a reference for this bag. Is it really a Longchamp?
  2. unfortunately, I don't know enough about Longchamp.
  3. I'm afraid I cant help you out on this...
    Please wait around for Ballet_Russe or CH:heart:LONGCHAMP for comments. :smile:
  4. Autor D'La Hong medium long handle color: paper. Sorry I'm new in the forum, how can I upload photos?

  5. Welcome! You'll find what you need if you could please run through the post above.:smile:
  6. Pls. authenticate this le pliage medium long handle in graphite. Thanks.




  7. That is not the tag of a Graphite item. :shrugs:
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    Name/item description/specific item FIRST: Longchamp victoire BLACK ( medium size short handle)
    Name of the seller: myfahionstyle
    Item no.: N/A
    Link to the item/link to the photos or attach photos :

    Just bought this long champ victoire online, and it just reached me today. Found out there's no inner pocket in it. Are all long champ victoire come with inner pocket??
    Quite worried......So wanted to make sure if it is authentic.
    Bought it from a famous seller online, she has 17000 people liked her fb business page.
    She claims NEVER sell fake goods. ALL confirm authentic, I can check with the boutique if don't trust.
    But I still feel quite worried, so I need help here.

    Please, please. Any help will be much appreciated.
    I have posted all pictures of the bag in the link above.

    Million thanks!!! Hope it's authentic!! But no inner pocket =(( Can view all the pics?
  9. It is a Fake Victoire unfortunately. Fake tag.
    Sorry. :sad:
  10. Omg.... Then how does a real tag look like ? Apart from the tag, everything else seems to be a real or fake ? If I bring this bag to Europe, will I get stopped by the custom then ?
    Damn, the seller claims its 100 % authentic! And I really don't know how =(
  11. I'm sorry I can't explain fully what makes the tag Fake.
    Suffice to say though, everything else about the item is suspiciously substandard.
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    Hi. Im new in purse forum, im not sure if I've uploaded the photo correctly.

    to: dreamer86

    I also have Victoire in clay LH as well, ill upload photos for you to compare and also to check if mine is authentic, coz it was given as a gift 2 yrs. ago. Hope this cld help.

    "still tryin to figure how to upload photos"...
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