Authenticate This Loewe

  1. Thanks for your reply ,dear, I bought this one over eBay at cost of USD320,and I am asking for a full refund from the seller now,but the seller insists on the bag was bought from the Loewe Store in Texas,but can not show any proof of purchase,any suggests on that?

    Should I ask any any experts issue a official docu for the Fake bag in order for a refund?TIA
  2. further more,can anyone let me know if there is a Loewe Boutique in Texas?thanks again
  3. I googled and couldn't find a Loewe store in Texas.
  4. Hi is it a Loewe bag that you are looking to have authenticated? If so please upload the pictures of state the link for the bag.
  5. Hi Supercindyy, I found the store in Dallas : Loewe Forty Five Ten, 4510 Mc Kinney Avenue. Dallas. I would suggest that you call them up with the serial number given on the bag. That would be the best thing to do really. Better still if you could go into the store with the bag and have them look at it. I do not have the phone number for the store but hopefully, you can look it up. I use this website for my orders, see if you can access it too and have a look for yourself:

    Go to the bottom of the page and use the store locator icon. Also, get in touch with the store and see if you can place an order with them and if they will send it out to you. Good luck - US$320 is good money to spend but certainly not on a fake!

    Looking at the pictures again, I am so suspicious because the tag with the "Made in China" and serial number is not even, well proportioned or/and well stitched.
  6. Hi Littlerock! I found the store in Dallas : Loewe Forty Five Ten, 4510 Mc Kinney Avenue. Hope this is helpful. Got the contact details from Loewe official website
  7. many thanks,dear,I have asked for a Paypal refund and returned the bag to the seller,thanks again for all your help !!!

  8. You are so welcome. Hope you find the bag you want soon!
  9. so in love with this one but feel some wrong with it! can anyone help!!!plzzz!!

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  10. Hi Boubbles, I don't recognise this model and have tried looking it up. It is suppose to be the Amazona but i don't think the Amazona comes with the Loewe logo in that style. The only bag that i know of that has the Loewe logo in the style above is Fusta. I'm pretty sure it's not the real thing so do be careful. And the zipper doesn't look right either. The finishing is not up to standard and also the colour is very harsh. The Loewe reds are absolutely beautiful. The corner caps of the bag are too big as is the key holder/cover. I hope this is of some help.

  11. kk thank you
  12. Hi which is the bag and do you have pictures?
  13. Hi - I'm new and have just purchased a vintage formal evening bag marked "Loewe Made in Spain for Birks"
    Can you help me out with year/authenticity?
    I have photos on my computer but am unsure of how to post them here on here?
  14. Doesn't look real to me :/. The "Made in China" gives it away.
  15. Hi Helena95forrest. Welcome to PF. Do you have a link from where you purchased the bag? As for dating the bag, my best bet would be for you to contact your local Loewe boutique with the model name/make and find out what year the bag is from. I personally have not come across a Loewe Made in Spain for Birks... but then this is probably just ignorance on my part. I hope you manage to load some pictures so that we can be of further help. Good luck.