Authenticate This Loewe

  1. Hi there,

    Would you mind authenticating this Loewe for me?

    Name: Loewe Extra Large Woven Tote
    Seller: phia6338
    Code: 150452548378

    According to the seller, there's no tag stating where the tote was made from. The seller also has no dust-bag, box or receipt.

    Please let me know if this is authentic.

    Thank you! :smile:
  2. And there's no tag stating where the tote was made in too. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.
  3. Only saw this today. But I will say it looks good to me (I own 4 Loewes).
    Silver logo inside is right, loewe engraving present on zip, stitching is even and tight. There should be "made in spain" hidden somewhere inside. It will be very small tag at the two sides/seams and quite unnoticeable.

    Anyways, Loewe is a very low-profile brand of supreme quality. Not as out-blown as Chanel, LV, Hermes etc. Chances of you meeting a fake is pretty low for the time being:smile:
  4. Need some help of Loewe buffs!

    So I recently purchased a vintage ponyhair Loewe bag on eBay. The seller who sold it to me specializes in purchasing odds and ends and antiques (not really a handbag seller).

    It's very beautiful although it is nothing like the current Loewe bags. I was wondering if anyone could tell me:

    1) if it is authentic (the only thing that makes me question its authenticity is the interior which has no markings--- but at the same time I don't think copiers would try to knockoff a really old style)

    2) if you know any other knowledge about this bag based on its old logo, bag, material shape, etc. I'd love to know when it was made or what collection it was from or try to date it.

    I had tried to look for a loewe fansite with history timeline of the brand but couldn't find any!

  5. I always wonder why someone would list a bag and then have terrible quality pictures. I'd ask for very CLEAR quality resolution pictures. I :lol: when they include tags ie receipts. Who cares. If the bag is authentic, you don't need to add all the tags to prove it. I've never shown any tag to prove authenticity. This would almost make me think it's a FAKE. I would pass due to the fact the seller hasn't shown pictures that are nice, bright and clear. You need to see what you may be buying especially if you're potentially spending $$$$. I'd personally buy a Loewe from the boutique or pm with your next possibility. I just don't trust eBay. GL OP!
  6. Pls help me chk if this is real Loewe or not
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  7. Hello there,I just bought a loewe bag from eBay and the seller gurantee it is a geniune bag and bought from the Boutique,but the tag inside shows made in China and the bag has a really strong smell as well,it is my first time on purchasing this brand,so can anyone here help me to check if the bag is authentic?many thanks in advance!!!
    IMG_0977.jpg IMG_0978.jpg IMG_0980.jpg IMG_0988.jpg IMG_0990.jpg IMG_0992.jpg IMG_0994.jpg IMG_0997.jpg
  8. anyone who can help?
  9. Hi Supercindyy, It's nice to meet a fellow fan of Loewe. I love and own a couple of Loewe bangs etc, but i'm sorry to say, but the bag does not look like a genuine Loewe.

    Firstly, when i was last in Spain and in Cordova itself (where Loewe has origins) I was informed that Loewe is made in Spain. Especially the bags. I was in an actual Loewe boutique.

    Secondly, I don't recognise the bag you have and have looked it up but cannot find anything similar.

    There should be no smell what so ever except that of genuine leather or suede. Also, there is no strong smell. It is mild and not unpleasant.

    The bag zipper is a different colour form the hardware and this is suspicious. There should be feet on the base of the bag. the finishing of the bag is also very unlike a Loewe. Are there any authenticity cards etc?

    I do hope you did not pay too much for the bag and if you can you should ask for a refund. All the best and if you do want to a beautiful Loewe, try getting it from the Loewe online boutique. The send it all over the world straight from Spain! Good luck and I do hope I've been of some help. In any case, you should try and go to a boutique and get the bag looked at. In all my 'experience' i might be wrong and for your sake i hope i am...
  10. Sorry i just realised that the zippers are not a different colour... but i still stand by my verdict.
  11. I'm new here and id like help authenticating a bag i REALLY Want to buy off ebay can someone please help me I'm not sure if I'm even in the right place thank you in advance to anyone that replies!