Authenticate This Loewe

  1. only 2 days left before this bid ends... plz help >.<
  2. Please authenticate this LOEWE of Madrid Bag~
    If it's real, does anyone know the style/model? Thanks!

  3. hi! Im a newbie here, would like ask for your utmost assistance to check if my Loewe bag is genuine/authentic . This is my first Loewe bag. My officemate sold this to me . What kind of LOEWE bag is this? is this also another issue of LOEWE Logo Charms Suede Leather Tote Bag?:yahoo:.

    Please help. Ive posted the pix in my multiply account. Hope you could help me verify this and also, how much does it more or less cost?

    Thanks so much!!:woohoo::okay:
  4. Hi can someone tell me if this Loewe bag is authentic? Thanks!



  5. Ask the seller for a photo of the interior lining and the leather interior label, no way to tell really from the exterior.
  6. Hi,

    I have a Loewe black leather and suede bag that has white contrast stitching with the Loewe sign on the front of it. The bag is a lovely soft leather and has one handle/strap which also has the suede on it and stitching. I believe it was bought a year ago in Harrods.

    I could do with finding out some more info on it as a family friend has asked me to sell it for her and I want to get the best I can for her.

    I myself do not know that much about Loewe so have registered here today to try and find out more.