Authenticate This Lockheart

  1. Hi,
    I have just seen a lovely new Lockheart bag called Pipeline...I saw it in Nordstroms (a rare visit with the little ones) for $625; then on eBay for $350 (starting bid). A few problems though...the seller has 0 feedback, and she only listed 1 picture in the auction...I emailed her for more photos and she said "that's all I have". I know that sounds fishy, but she did say in her email message that the bag is authentic, she has 2 Pipeline bags (1 is a satchel, the other is the larger tote) and the seller claims the bags have all the appropriate tags and dust bags. I guess it's like wanting to believe in the toothfairy! Has anyone seen or read about fake Lockheart bags, especially the Pipeline, which i think is new for the Fall 2007?
    I'd love to think that a new seller is trustworthy, but what do you think?
  2. Hi,

    There is a coupon code fall25 at thepursestore right now and they have the grey Pipeline Kelly and Kate, if that's what you're looking for. I saw them at Nordstrom too this week and fell in love! Usually I don't even like grey bags, but these are georgeous. I'm about to order the Kelly with the code, which makes it $487.50, so not a lot more than the eBay one for peace of mind.

    BTW, this is my first post here! I haven't even introduced myself yet, but wanted to let you know about the coupon code.
  3. Hi,
    thank you, thank you!!!! I just ordered the bag! I am thrilled. That was so nice of you to share the code. The ebay seller pulled that auction off of ebay....probably selling fakes, I guess. I haven't bought a bag since the end of August, I think....I was going to hold out until the new year, but now this can be a new year's resolution! No more bags until I sell a few more from my closet. Anyway, let everyone know when you get your bag and how you like it. I hope you love your Kelly.

  4. Well, it's supposed to be a Christmas present, so my husband says it needs to stay in a closet until then, so I may not get to play with it for a while. Oh, the torture! I think he's doing it just to torment me, LOL! This is a great line of bags. So georgeous and functional.
  5. I think that all ebay sellers say their bags are authentic! I agree with having some peace of mind on a known website, although I'm not personally familiar with thepursestore. I think it is fishy that the seller 'doesn't have any other pictures'. She/he should be able to provide more pics. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I don't have pictures of my bags, but Im hoping my descriptions will help. I have two "groups" of bags-- two that I purchased at the Nordstrom stores, and two that I puchased through discounters...

    I'm wondering if lockheart makes two groups of bags-- one for full price stores, and then a "lesser" bag that is sold, kind of like the coach outlets, or if two of my bags are older... or if two of my bags could be fakes...any thoughts you could give me are greatly appreciated.....

    For the two that I purchased at Nordstrom, the lockheart tag that hangs off the bag has lockheart in raised letters. On the inside of the bag, the lockheart logo is in raised gold metal, and there are two interlocking like circles on either side of the logo. Then, the serial numbers are printed directly underneath the interior logos.

    For my two discounted bags, the lockheart tag that hangs off is like engraved (not raised). Also, on the inside of the bag, the lockheart logo is stamped in leather and there are four studs in the corners of the logos. On the opposite side of the interior, there is a squareish piece of leather with a lockheart "creed/saying/logo" and then the serial number is stamped on the top of it.
  7. anyone????
  8. I know this post is a little old, but I wanted to repond...

    I am looking to buy a Lockheart (I'm currently eyeing the Braidy Bunch Lindsay), but I was concerned because the tag is engraved (as opposed to embossed) and the interior tag is leather, not brass. So...I called Lockheart directly.

    Sure enough, their earlier models featured engraved tags and leather labels on the interior. I don't think you need to worry. The customer service rep also told me that they weren't hearing anything about replication...even at this point, so she didn't feel I needed to be worried about fakes.
  9. I don't want to accidentally buy a fake on ebay!


  10. can't tell, could be, could not be.
  11. I couldn't resist, I bought it. Hope it's real!
  12. If it's not a popular brand, it's probably not faked, and easy to get on sale. If it's a not-so-popular brand that is used, it will be much more discounted than say, an LV. I think you are okay.
  13. whew, thanks laureenthemean! i was having a bit of buyer's remorse, but love this bag ever since i saw it when it first came out. yay!