Authenticate this L.A.M.B.?

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  1. I am hoping that a more experienced L.A.M.B. bag fan could give me your opinion(s) on the authenticity of this eBay auction.

    eBay auction ID: #370018761409


  2. Authentic
  3. I agree.
  4. Hi, it's S.F., your Lammie lady! Here are the following auctions that I am watching...I HATE Ebay, but I trust that you girls know what you are doing! Thank you in advance for your help!!!!

    Choice number 1:

    And choice number 2:
  5. i believe both are authentic.. :tup:
    but the the lipstick morant is a lil bit overpriced IMHO.. if you call around NR or Off 5th, you might get a better deal.. :smile:
  6. Both Auth.

    LS Morant waayy too $$$.. It's a small bag though, maybe you'd be happier with the Mandeville... it's around the size of the speedy 30
  7. i have read that, as new as lamb bags are, there are already fakes everywhere. just bought my first fendi off ebay and the purse forum was very helpful! it is painful looking back at how much people are spending on fakes. i think i've got the fendi thing down, anything having a tag was a fake and you had to see the hologram, and of course if the price too good to be true it probably is, among other things. now that lamb rasta ombre bags are calling me. how can you spot a fake?

    here's a couple i'm looking at:


  8. They all look good to me... except the second one I would be careful because as you can see from the photo it has a scuff on the bottom. Not a very good sign because this print is known for the peeling issue. Good luck!!!
  9. Thankfully the lamb lux bags aren't faked that often (yet), it seems to be the lamb lesportsac line that is faked the most. Just be careful with buying the rasta print off of ebay because it tends to be a very fragile print (I believe that it scratches the easiest) and ask the seller for as many pics as you can get and make sure that they are 100% positive that the bag doesn't have any scratches. You can already see on the one in the second link that it has white markings on it, most likely from the print being scratched off. Otherwise all of the bags look authentic.
  10. Just so you know a lot of the Nordstrom Racks had these Rasta bags for sale a couple weeks ago so I would not be suprised if that is where most of these people got theirs if they are nwt. They should be ok, but if you are really worried you could call around to different Nordstrom Racks, and ask if they have any Rastas left then you could do a charge send!! Hope this helped:smile:
  11. Saks 5th Off also had these - there are still a bunch around, as the Rasta print wasn't moving out the door as fast as the other prints. They are not priced as low as NR, but still about 30% off retail. Hopefully Off 5th will have a new coupon this weekend. :smile:

    ALSO: NR should be getting a new shipment on Tuesday - not sure if LAMB is included but worth a look.
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