Authenticate This Kooba

  1. Thanks, Cheekers! eek someone just paid $300 for it... glad it wasn't me!! :sweatdrop:
  2. That is just awful. 305 bucks for this piece of crap. I can't believe they get this when Real Koobas don't bring this much.
  3. Wow! This makes me sick. You can get new ones for cheaper with some scouring of the Deals n Steals forum. Jeez...
  4. The seller at least didn't claim 100% authenticity in the title of this one, like most others I've seen.
    I'm beginning to abhor the term, cuz it's usually listing a complete fake!
  5. is this seller reputable? she's selling two embossed scarletts, and i'm thinking of getting one instead of a sienna for now after reading the scarlett vs sienna post. :p if they're real, they seem like a pretty good deal to me cos they're not that easy to find i think. :smile:

    apart from a couple of typos in her listing for the brown one, the bags look real to me. what do you guys think? thanks a lot in advance.
  6. thanks again lexie. the desert colour doesn't really appeal to me either, while the embossed scarlett in black is actually growing on me. don't worry i am prepared for it being not so soft if i get it. wouldn't mind the variety in kooba leather. :smile:
  7. I agree, it is a horrid fake ...
  8. Hey everyone-

    I am horrible at telling real koobas from fake unless it is totally obvious. Has kooba ever came out with a suede camel color sienna with cream whipstitching? I'm also very new, if you hadn't noticed, so sorry for all the stupid questions I'm sure to be asking. Here is the link if anyone would like to take a look... auction is ending in 3 hrs.

    Thank you!
  9. About the Camel Suede. I am leaning towards yes but only know for sure about the Moss green suede being real.

    The Sienna? 75 feedback and the leather looks very small and uniform pebbles? I wouldn't go there.

    The 2nd Black Sienna has crappy pics but the leather looks good and so does the seller. I'd ask more questions and ask to see the zipper pull. Looks like the Sienna currently on
  10. Better to ask a lot of questions, than ending up with a fake and hey, jessie, you can already post a link (that took me a while to figure out...LOL)
  11. When it comes to buying Sienna's, I think I'll stick to retail vendors. The eBay sellers want almost as much $$ anyway! Thanks for all the advice about smooth leather being the best to get.
  12. its such a bummer that these wonderful bags get faked BOO!!!