Authenticate This Kooba

  1. Lexie said that all current listings of Ninas on eBay are authentic for now, but I just really, REALLY want to be sure. I can't afford to get duped, and I'd probably never know on my own, so I need your help!

    Is designerwarehouse always authentic? It looks good, given that they've sold over 15,000 items and have 99.7% positive feedback, plus a link to their store. But I am really scared of getting burned on eBay!
  2. designerwarehouse is a reputable Kooba seller - go for it!
  3. I love the Moss green Marcelle BUT I am not a green bag person. It's really a nice bag though. And the bag was authentic...but sold now. I'm gonna forgive the seller grammatical errors. I've seen some doozies on my own when I've looked back on them and it was too late to revise.
    Designerwarehouse is A-OK.

    As far as the Sienna....I can't bring myself to risk 300 on a person who has 24 feedback. Was "Chocolate Brown" an official color and is it indeed Rare? Or is that bag the Expresso color. The pics are crap so for that reason alone I wouldn't bid but it may well be authentic.
  4. Hard to tell, need bigger pictures...don't suppose it means much that the seller is warning you about all the fakes...
  5. ^ Thanks!! Did she really say she had 3 of them? I must've missed that. This is on my watch list now. I hope I don't forget again.
  6. If you really don't want to miss it and you gotta have this bag, I'd pay the 25.00 more and use the BIN.
  7. ^^^
    Me too, not a lot if you really want it!
  8. Well, the 2 actual pics they show are of a real Pebbled Bourbon Sienna. But my Goodness....what is wrong with you if you can't make it to 5 feedback without getting a Negative? If the seller sends you the bag in the pic then it's real. But who's to say there might be stains, or problems with the bag that pics don't disclose. You could write the seller and ask. It's your call. But It's Iffy to me just because of the feedback not authenticity.
  9. I really have to agree, Lexie. My instinct says stay away, I just wanted some reassurance that I was on point. Thank you!
  10. That is a fake, the braids are never wrapped in plastic. The zipper pull doesn't look too bad, are they getting better at faking those too?