Authenticate This: Kooba Sienna

Hey guys...take a look at this seller. She has huge good feedback but when I went and looked at her stuff.....weird. She has 169 bags for sale. EVERYTHING...and I do mean everything (4 Hermes bags, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Kooba, IF bags, Prada, Gucci, and then Jelly Kellys). Very weird. The Koobas and IF bags look cheap and chintzy but there are all these others that I can't begin to know. Others who have some experience in these other bags, take a look and see if they are real. Either she's a seller with real ones with fakes mixed in....She's certainly a puzzlement.
The second one in bronze is not a Sienna. It's a Scarlett. I think I saw this model in that color before, and the details look good to me so far.

I remember seeing Lexie post a picture of her Scarlett in this color. :smile:
You're right, Ecthelion, it's the Scarlett. It's also on sale in the Kooba site but sold out. I might just bid on it. It's smaller than the Sienna, but the color is hard to resist. I have just bought two Koobas (Paige in dark brown and Farrah (mocha), which was on sale at Saks) that are larger.

Thanks so much for your input--I'm loving this forum!
I saw that Bag this morning. It's an excellent deal but Yep, it's a Scarlett and the color is called Metallic Army. You can't find many in that color around (except in my closet...hehe).

Thanks, Lexie. I have just placed my bid. I am 5'7" and was concerned about the size of the bag--a little smaller but I think I will still enjoy it. I saw the pictures you have posted of yours and am now anxious to win this.
This Scarlett in this color has got to be one of the cutest bags. It's classy and casual. It's the first Bag I got that my husband said "Wow" about. I loved it so much I was able to find a Sienna in Metallic Army on ebay for a great price of 199.00. It was used but in great new condition. I loved the color sooo much I just had to have it on both sizes.
I sure hope you win this bag. I have seen very very few lately. I think they came out in Winter 2005. It's hard to capture the color in pics but it's such a nice shade of Metallic but not glitzy or dawdy at all and you can wear it all year round.
I wouldn't worry too much about the size. Even though the Scarlett is smaller it is still very roomy.
Yes, I've always liked metallic shades. They are classic. Sounds like your huband and mine are similar. When we bought the Paige last week, he said that it was too big and he would never have chosen it for me, but I love it!

Will post if/when I win the Scarlett!
Congratulations won that Scarlett. I have been watching that auction hoping to see you win it. And what a steal!!!! You can't beat a deal like that. You are gonna love it. Hope your auction ends well.