Authenticate this Kooba please

  1. It's authentic. I hope you get it! That leather is just sooo lucious!
  2. I was just looking at that bag a little while ago! I think it looks good, though I wish there were better pictures of the interior and zipper inside...
  3. This is my first post ever! Anyway, I think that it is authentic. I have the Claudia and it is nearly identical to that. It is a great bag at a great price!

    You gals on this board are all just great!​
  4. Cheeks...ask her if the zipper works smoothly, just to make certain. A girlfriend of mine has that bag and her zipper was sticky, so she returned it.

    Good luck!
  5. Looks nice. I'd ask who her "authorized" dealer is and ask for a pic of the side of the inner zipper. I bet those scratches buff out nicely with some leather conditioner.
  6. Thanks girls, I am going to ask these questions of her and then if all looks clear go for it.