Authenticate This KATE SPADE

  1. And logan, the wallet looks authentic to me. The model is one that Kate Spade definitely has, and the name stamp (and the location thereof) looks real as well. KS leather goods are hardly ever fake--the fakers focus more on the basic nylon purses.
  2. Thank you!!!

  3. thank you for taking a look.:yahoo:
  4. This Kate Spade purse was a donation by Supernanny Jo Frost for a fundraiser I am helping with ( However, there has been some question about its authenticity.

    I don't have photos, but there are also four metal feet on the bottom that have the Kate Spade logo on them. Let me know if there is any other information or photos you would need for authentication.

    Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!! THANK YOU!!!
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  5. haha, i remember it being a guys name. lol. just couldn't remember, but the style was very familar. and henry has a zipper top rather than the two fold over sides.

    i don't think KS made bags with real fur. but i could be wrong.
  6. it looks good to me. that is an older style, in really nice condition.

    and i think the leather is Boars leather, i have a mini should bag from the same line. im just wondering on the "New York" imprint, if its the lighting that makes it a different color or is it my monitor?

    btw, who is super Joe Frost? (forgive me if that is a stupid question)
  7. Is there something about it that makes you question the authenticity specifically? I say it looks authentic.
  8. P4140717.JPG
  9. This purse was to go up for auction on eBay next week (we had the listing scheduled, although it was not yet available to the public), and VeRO flagged it for a trademark violation. From what we understand, there are several high-end purse manufacturers that use VeRO to identify counterfiet items.

    We didn't think that a celebrity would have sent a counterfiet item, but in truth, we had NOT looked into the authenticity of this purse prior to scheduling the listing. Now we are scrambling to figure out exactly HOW we violated eBay's policies... The only things we could think of was that we inadvertently listed a replica Kate Spade. Thus, before we appeal the eBay policy we wanted deterimine whether or not we were in the wrong on this one...

    SORRY... I don't want this to be an eBay thread... I just wanted some feedback about the purse. With some confidence about the authenticity of this Kate Spade we can get back to work!
  10. Handbagshope, the bag is definitely authentic.

    mzedith, Kate Spade has a couple of lines with real fur, but this is not one of them! :smile:
  11. I think the bag is from the Tarrytown line - definately boarskin, very nice :smile: Look inside the interior zip pocket - there should be a little black tag sewn into one of the side seams with a holographic strip on it. I would include a pic of it in your listing.

    Maybe the VERO pulling wasn't because of the bag, but the show. Did you have the show name in the title?
  12. i have never seem a style like that, the "made in china" tag doesnt look right. if you scroll up on this thread i have a pic of another tag that should be deep inside the bag, has a number on it, and a type of halogram with the KSNY threaded through it.

    i have a lot of KS bags, but this one is hard for me. A KS hardware is either 14K gold plated . Light (almost silver) or gold.
  13. Sorry, that bag is 100% fake :tdown: