Authenticate This KATE SPADE

  1. Hey guys, I have had this wallet for YEARS and had forgotten about it. Can you tell me if it is real or not. Thanks in advance

  2. here is a better pic of the tag, sorry about the bad pics :smile:

  3. ok, i was referring to this tag.

    now here is the hobo that matches your wallet (its authentic) i don't have a pic of the smaller tag inside, but the one i do have a close up of shows the tag with the "shiny" end and the ksny imprint.
    front of Nylon Hobo.jpg Inside of Nyon Hobo.jpg IMG_5470.JPG
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    oh wait...yes it does. But mine goes across the bottom. I had to go outside literally to see it...its TINY
  5. yes, very very tiny. the tag i showed you was a little different than yours. in my bag (that matches your wallet) its on the very end, i just didnt have a close up of inside that tag. glad you found it. :woohoo:
  6. wow!!!!!!!!!!! that is stunning, i see that they have the price tag inside (but its backwards, it should have the style # on it. asked the seller to give you that #. and you can call KS CS and verify.

    i see the imprint of her signature noel on the zipper pull and looking closer i can see the "YKK" on the super size pic. . great photos btw..

    the hardware is all gold, it looks real to me because of the noel signature embossed on the pull and the way the its imprinted on the front & the inside (Kate Spade New York & Made in Italy)

    my only concern is the seller does "not" state anywhere on the listing whether it is authentic, nor do they say "Guarantied authentic". nor does it state a disclaimer as "not authorized dealer" something to that affect. so if you purchase it and its not authentic they are not obligated to refund you the $$.

    if i was into to wallets, i would probably purchase it, but i would contact the seller and ask for the style #. then i would call KS CS (not the # on the website, but the actual CS #) PM me if you need it.

    if you can't get the style # from the seller another option is you can email KS CS a picture of the wallet and they will tell you.

    good luck.
  7. mrsfreeze06--wallet looks authentic

    berryolive--both look authentic

    mzdeith--that's not true about the authenticity. A seller is not required to state that an item is authentic since eBay will/should remove a listing if it isn't authentic and it reminds you when you list a designer item that you are not allowed to sell fake/replica items. If you receive an item and it isn't authentic, filing for SNAD for non-authenticity through paypal is always possible and has nothing to do with whether or not the seller stated specifically it was authentic. There's plenty about this in the eBay subforum too if you want more information.
  8. sorry for the missunderstanding. that is what i meant, the seller doesn't state that the item is authentic, becuase they don't know if it is (noticed that when i sent the seller an email asking for the style # and one the FAQ is "is your item authentic" and the answer was we don't list Authentic it if we do not know").

    but thamks for the heads up on the the SNAD. because they do show the photo's of the KS Noel logo on the zipper pull & the Kate Spade name on the actual item. So if it is a faux wallet then they would be subject to copyright infringement.
  9. Hey mzedith and sara_g,
    thanks for all the help :flowers:

    I got the second one but the zip was abit tarnished, it was shown in the pics but i guess i wasn't looking too clearly and the zipper pull's glue was alittle thick. That's why I wanted to be sure.

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  11. It looks fine so far, however to be safe I would ask the seller for a pic of the name imprint on the inside as well as the small tag located inside the interior zip pocket.