Authenticate This KATE SPADE

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    Please post any questions about authentic KATE SPADE items or sellers here.

    Note: The PurseForum requests that only members with an extensive knowledge of the brand and authenticating who have over 500 posts participate as authenticators in this AT thread. The moderators reserve the right to remove authentications that do not meet these requirements.
  2. Hi Ladies,

    I would like to purchase this bag to use as a diaper bag, but I want to make sure its real. The seller says it was bought at Neiman Marcus, here are some photos.. let me know if you need smore specific pictures.. THANKS FOR ANY HELP OR SUGGESTIONS RECEIVED!
    kate_spade_addtl_pics_023.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_024.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_025.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_026.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_027.JPG
  3. The last picture
    kate_spade_addtl_pics_027.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_028.JPG

  4. It looks pretty good so far, but a close up of the kate spade tag that's clearer would help.
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  5. If anyone could authenticate this Kate Spade bag before I purchase, PLEASE help!! The seller says she bought at Neiman Marcus, let me know if additional pics are needed:smile: Thanks ladies!!!
    kate_spade_addtl_pics_023.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_024.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_025.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_026.JPG kate_spade_addtl_pics_027.JPG
  6. Thanks again!!
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    Please authenticate this Kate Spade. Material feels like wool. Purchased this on eBay a while back and was told authentic. I always thought authentic until I really looked at the bottom and one end seems to be a little "off" as far as the seam. There are no tags inside that say "kate spade". Its pretty plain inside just with a black lining, one zippered compartment. It also has that "fold" on top of the bag which snaps close. TIA
    024.JPG 025.JPG 027.JPG 030.JPG 035.JPG
  8. Looks good so far, but I would ask the seller for a closeup pic of the small tag sewn into the interior wall zip pocket (if there is one). It should have a thin holographic strip on it. If it doesn't have this tag, then it's a fake.

    Good luck!
  9. It doesn't look authentic from the pics you've posted. The font is off, and it's crowded. It is most certainly a fake. Sorry :sad:
  10. :sad:
    Oh, I thought so. Thanks!
  11. No problem :smile:
  12. They all look good for what pictures there are, but none really have enough pictures. The first one could use a good picture of the leather nameplate on the front. The second is only a stock picture. The second and fourth seem most likely real, but you should ask if you can see a picture of the hardware on the fourth one to see if it says kate spade. All are pictures of real kate spade bags/shoes, but with so few or stock pictures it's hard to be sure that's what you'll be getting.
  13. Unfortunately I did my homework AFTER purchasing on eBay and discovered how prevalent fake handbags are. I think this is probably a fake partly because I paid so little for it ~$45 w/ shipping. I feel obligated to let the seller know if it is. Can anyone here help me out?
    katespade1.jpg katespade4.jpg katespade3.jpg katespade2.jpg