Authenticate This Kate Spade???

  1. Hi!! I posted this a couple of days ago and got no reply, so I thought I'd try this real? Thanks! ;)
    kate1.JPG kate2.JPG
  2. I can't see any pics???
  3. Oops, now I see pics. Can you please post a close up picture of the heat stamp? And if you purchased it on eBay, can you provide a link to the auction?
  4. I purchased this bag the other day - nicely made, but lots of the fakes are too!!
    Anyone know if this is a real Kate Spade bag?
    (I hope this is the right place to place this question, if not, sorry)
  5. fshfriends, I am not familiar with that bag. *MY* KS do not have exposed seams on the lining. The heat stamp on the pocket looks fine and elviscostellofan from eba* says she hasn't seen newer ks fakes. It is probably my lack of experience about that lining.

    Look inside the zipped pocket for a tiny black folded cloth tag with some white numbers and a hologram thread. The thread has kate spade that you can just barely read with the naked eye.