Authenticate this KATE SPADE wallet please

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  1. Hi is this a Kate Spade wallet for real or a turkey? I bought on eBay from 1st time seller... having doubts now. I know stupid! I think the style may be Taryn.

    I've uploaded 3 pictures here. Please view. The original eBay posting is also included.
    Positives: The label is identical to my (authentic) Sam, the nylon material, including the angle of the stripe is pretty close.
    The number of credit card pockets and ID appears similar to other posts on eBay.
    No identifying label inside, except "Made in China". My Sam has a colorful "Made in USA" tag.
    The tissue in the ID pocket is generic, and the box supplied fit the wallet, yet was a generic white, not Kate Spade green.
    The hardware buttonhole says "Kane-M" at the bottom and "M" on top. The button is sunburst, not flat like my Sam.

    PLEASE HELP. I am 2 days away from the 7 day return period. Thanks so much.
  2. The Soho store associate was actually able to confirm the newer Taryns also say Kane-M on the buttons, and most nylons have the Made in China tag. I am feeling much better. Inputs still appreciated!
  3. Most Kate Spade is made in China now. I would think that would especially include the nylon pieces. My leather KS wallet is made in China [white with black lettering], the snaps have the Kane-M on them. My wallet has a little black tag with some numbers embroidered and a holograph thread. Does yours? That is pretty important, most of my KS have either that or the old flag tag in the pocket. Better not have a flag tag if it was made in China!!
    The label looks fine to me.
  4. I own several Kate Spade items. Yes it is authentic.