Authenticate This JUICY COUTURE

  1. The first one was a fake. That style was not produced in that color combination. :tdown:

    The second one looked good to me.
  2. Sorry, this is a fake. This was never produced with a scarf, nor in this color. :tdown:
  3. thank you angeleye! too bad i missed the second auction. :crybaby:

    greetings irie
  4. thanks much angeleyess25! you're great!!
  5. :tdown: I think the white tissue wrappings on the handle are a dead give away that
    this Juicy is not so Juicy but a Fake.
    My sister purchased a Fake Juicy bag on eBay that kind of looked like this one.. except the seller was smart enough to take the tissue wrappings off, but when she got it it had ugly threads sticking out and you could see it was not real.
  6. I wish I could help out with this one, sorry.

    Although I would ask for a picture of the barcoded sticker that should be on the bottom of the box.

    This should have a YJRUOxxx number, along with BRACELET, made in china, barcoded #, and sugg-retail $xx.xx (actual $ amount.)
    There might be 3 numbers like 037 printed on the top left of the sticker, and a 6 number/letter combo printed on the top right, like this ...
  7. For some reason the links are not working for me. :confused1: Could you post the auction numbers?
  8. That isn't even the most obvious feature too...look at the shape of that 'J' on the heart on the back of the bag! Completely off! :tdown: