Authenticate This JIMMY CHOO

  1. Hi jmcadon

    How can I send a query regarding a bag authentication ( jimmy choo)

    Thanks a million
  2. Is it an eBay purchase or do you already have it? If it is an eBay or other site you can just post a link to the site. If you have pics you can upload them here and we will take a look. You may have to have a certain amount of posts to post has been a long time since I was new, lol!
  3. Hi
    1st purchase of Jimmy Choo for me, could i just check if these are authentic

    Cosmic Pumps

    cosmic 1.jpg cosmic 2.jpg cosmic 3.jpg cosmic 4.jpg
  4. We need a better pic of the bottom of the shoes and a close up of the label on the insole.
  5. In the title of this thread there is a clue to the rules - please use proper format shown in post #1. If you go to post #1, there are guidelines for eBay auction posts, and the type of pictures required for bags and shoes, regardless of their source.
  6. hello again, I posted these shoes and got one opinion from jmcadon who had her doubts. I have since received the shoes (they had already shipped) and have more photos. They also fit funky. They fit normal except the ankle strap doesn't even meet around my heel, let alone buckle. So I can't even add an extra hole or anything to make them work. I don't have large ankles and haven't had that problem before which makes me think they are defective as well as possible fakes. Any other opinions and/or a second look by jmcadon is appreciated!!

    One major sign to me is the unevenness of edge of the beige leather insoles (top photo), like they were cut sloppily with a pair of scissors, and then the fact that you can see some of the beige lining in the front facing photo. These have been worn by many a celebrity and though the photos aren't close up of only the shoes, I can't see any edging in their photos. But then when you look at the Nordstrom photos, it looks like the black doesn't go over the ege of all the pieces on theirs either. They appear to be real leather and are otherwise well done.
    IMG_3616.jpg IMG_3617.jpg IMG_3614.jpg IMG_3593.jpg IMG_3599.jpg
  7. Hey all, nevermind. I was able to find the cashed nordstrom page for them and use their zoom feature to compare to the real deal and they are definitely fake but the seller did not realize and gave me a full refund including shipping.

  8. More pics

    Many thanks
    image-2264320228.jpg image-2065752024.jpg image-3740271110.jpg
  9. Jimmy choo quiet glitter bronze
    Pics attached - am told its a sample sale purchase

    Many thanks
    image-2223664079.jpg image-3974331974.jpg image-3217326588.jpg
  10. I am pretty sure these are authentic :smile:
  11. These look ok, too.
  12. hmmm. Can't be 100% sure on this one, but I see no red flags. Would love to see the choo name on another piece of hardware like that zipper, tho.
  13. Hello jmcadon,

    Thank you so much for looking into the bag for me. Let me ask the seller now.