**Authenticate this Jimmy Choo!**

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  1. Thanks - I'll request photos.
  2. I'll check back tomorrow AM to see if you get them!
  3. Thanks to this blog, I discovered the Ramona I bought on eBay was a BIG fake! I filed a Paypal dispute, and now the seller has escalated to a claim.

    Anyone have any advice on how to prove the bag isn't the real deal?

    Here is how I figured out it wasn't real:

    1. The "Jimmy Choo" on the buckle is not in the right place (below the two screws, rather than centered directly between)
    2. The "Jimmy Choo" font on the lilac tag is too wide and sloppy, not the thin neat lines you find on a real Choo
    3. Under the Key Snap, there is an imprint that says "Yik Fung". I did a little research, and apparently this is the name of a common button manufacturer in Hong Kong.
    4. The screws are not flat head.
    5. The printing on the dust bag and card is too light and just inconsistent, i.e. darker in some places than others.
    6. Altogether poor craftsmanship -- the strap which should fasten the bag is too short, making it difficult to close the bag.

    As you all probably know, Paypal wants a letter certifying it is not real but of course the Jimmy Choo store will not be willing to do that. Any ideas on how I could obtain something to prove it's a fake?

    Thanks in advance for your advice, this blog has already been SO helpful!
  4. You could try My Poupette, there are threads and postings on here to check them out. If not post a Q in the eBay section, the more experienced ebayers in there will give you advice, direction. Good luck

  5. HATE it when that happens!!! Anyway paypal/ebay will ask you for an authenticate letter. If you are chummy with some sales associates at Nordies, maybe they can write you a letter. I know at Neiman, they are not allowed to do that. If you cannot get a letter, go to plan B. Plan B: let them know that you cannot get a letter because of policy, take PLENTY of photos of a fake and a real one NEXT to each other, mail the photos to them and wait. It takes a while but they will rule it in your favor. In the meantime, I hope you leave negative feedback to the seller. SO sick of these sellers who take huge amount of money for fake bags!!!! Good luck to you.
  6. I agree with mld31 and if all else fails, feel free to use the photos from my postings showing the authentic vs fake Ramona's and Riki's. What big city do you live by? I would also look at going into a JC store and checking with a SA, they may not be able to give you a letter, but I had a similiar situation with a Prada bag a couple of years ago and once I sent a letter to Paypal documenting the differences, they ruled in my favor.
    Good luck and feel free to contact me if you need more comparison photos.:yes:
  7. From what I have learned (and believe me, I've learned a ton for such a short time) from this awesome JC board, I have to say that it is NOT authentic. :tdown::tdown:
  8. Welcome KAOKim:flowers: So glad you joined us here at tPF. I can tell you the Ramona is FAKE and you will be disappointed:crybaby: Feel free to post any other questions about any other listings. Also feel free to look at the thread in the JC forum in reference to Fake Riki's & Ramona's. That should help you spot some of the obvious fakes:tup:

    BTW, I love LaJolla........ I'm from Ventura;)
  9. I emailed the seller for additional photos and didn't receive a response. The Ebay listing disappeared and now the bag is relisted again with a buy it now of $800 instead of a starting bid of $499 and seller is no longer accepting paypal due to the high fees. I guess I have my answer on it's authenticity.
  10. Too Funny:tdown: That is a sure sign of it being FAKE! Glad you didn't get stuck with a dog......:yahoo:
  11. HGBags is a really good authentic Ebay seller. I've bought some Balenciagas from her, and shes pretty popular over on the Balenciaga forum. She's also a tPF member. So you are safe if you plan on getting the Gold Ramona.
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