**Authenticate this Jimmy Choo!**

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  1. This thread is closed for posting. Please refer all JC authenticity questions to this new thread. Thanks!
  2. BabyK, I have trouble believing anyone would sell a Ramona that cheap. I'd say it's got to be fake.
  3. I guess you're right Zophie... thanks! Too good to be true. I'll just have to keep looking.
  4. Hi Everyone!
    I really could use your help in authenticating this JC Rikki. It came from Bluefly who sold me a fake Balenciaga in the past so I am naturally suspicious. I am not sure what details are needed for authentication on JC.
    ivoryjc.jpg jcbuckle.jpg closeupbuckle.jpg jcinside.jpg
  5. Thanks for your input.

    Hey Robyn,
    They have no buyers feedback and I'd be a little concerned they possibly swiped the photos from someone.
    I'd pass - not worth the stress JMO
  6. Thanks Lisasbags:flowers:
    I know I should wait until the Fall/Winter 07 bags come out and not risk it. I just fell in love with the Bordeaux patent leather Ramona and have had a minor weakness, but you are right I am sure:crybaby:
    Maybe someday I will find one....
  7. Hi NWpurselover,
    I was at the Jimmy :choochoo: store in Chicago last week and asked the question about how to determine authenticity on the bags. They told me the biggest give away on the fake bags are the interior. The Ramona's & Riki's are made with genuine mole skin. They also pointed out the hardware. It is scary how many fakes are out there, but I would go into a boutique with your bag if there is any question in your mind. Good luck!
  8. Thanks Robyn for responding to my question, the moleskin is kind of unique.
    Any Rikki owners that can tell if the interior of this ivory looks like theirs?
  9. Here are photos of my wet look Riki to try to compare yours with. Let me know if you need more photos!
    DSCN3185.JPG DSCN3203.JPG
  10. Robyn, thank you :flowers:
    The inside of mine looks just like the first photo of yours including the grosgrain ribbon which I hadn't noticed before! The only difference is in the inside on the left of the zipper I have a little snap with Jimmy Choo hardware that you can snap your keys in.
  11. Yes, I have that too, but my flash kept making the photo blurry....:shame:
    DSCN3202.JPG DSCN3200.JPG
  12. I didn't know that the inside was mole skin. I guess a lot of telling the difference between authentic or not might require seeing it in person and touching it.

    Here is a pic of the inside of my Riki if that helps.
  13. Thanks Zophie!
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