Authenticate This Jimmy Choo Please..

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Aug 17, 2007
Berkeley, CA
Hi there, I had made a post a while back complaining about all the fake Jimmy Choo's on Ebay. In the thread I mentioned how I got 3 Jimmy Choo bags from my boss as payment, for work, due to the fact that she was unable to pay me. Now, I definitely know that these are real, she is a regular at the Jimmy Choo boutique at Bloomingdale's San Francisco, I was her personal assistant so many times went with her, one of these bags I was with her when she purchased, she is definitely not an ebay shopper.. She only buys from store direct.

But, since I will be selling this to hopefully earn back the money she owes me I need you ladies to authenticate this for me, so that I can show on my auction page that you also agree with me the validity. I think I will also offer Bay Area buyers the option of meeting me at a boutique. It's so hard to get a decent price for things, especially when it's an item they A. can't see in person, and B. when they are so heavily copied and sold as real!

Your help is much appreciated:

Not open for further replies.