Authenticate This Jimmy Choo (Please use proper format)

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  2. Hello,

    Help, please!

    I thought possibly you ladies (and gents) could assist me with this one. I purchased the corresponding Jimmy Choo handbag. It has been quite sometime since the transaction; I have not received the handbag and attempted to contact the seller numerous times with no response. I just opened a Paypal dispute today, should I escalate?

    I am posting within this thread because...for some reason, I remember seeing these pics within another auction prior! I thought maybe I was wrong and bid, but something told me not to....I did anyway and am now regretting my decision! Were these stolen you all remember this bag or these pics? This was my very first Jimmy Choo handbag purchase and I am pretty upset about the whole thing.

    Thank you within advance for any assistance you can provide. Happy Holidays!

    eBay item number: 140177392895

    eBay item link: click here

    eBay pics:


  3. Beautifulbasics I am so sorry to hear your difficulties with the seller:cursing: I can't say for sure whether I remember seeing a similar listing, but you do have a valid reason to file the dispute. It seems like a very good price for an authentic JC Bag. If you should receive the bag and it is the one in the photo, it does look authentic. Keep us posted and good luck!
  4. I remember this bag and wondering why they also show a black one in the listing. I distrust it when stock pics are used. The bag looks authentic to me as well, tho. You did the right thing with the dispute...sometimes that's all it takes. I think they don't want to sell for that price, tho. This recently happened to me with a ring bag. But at least the guy refunded my money.
    I don't remember seeing the pics of this bag twice tho. Keep us posted. Do you want me to ask the seller why she hasn't shipped the bag?
  5. Hello JM and Robyn, :flowers:

    Thanks for the support and letting me "cry :crybaby:on your shoulder" about this JC bag I bought. My first JC and this has to happen....ahhh...

    I have sent numerous messages to the seller and requested her contact info from eBay; I telephoned the number and it appears to be a work number, but all I ever get is a voicemal, where I have left quite a few messages as well. I will keep you posted and see how this one turns out. Should I go ahead and escalate within Paypal?

    I do agree...I believe the bag is authentic and I got a good deal...which I am always looking for! For some reason right before I bid, I had a bad feeling...or thought I remembered seeing the pics within another auction, which is why I posted here. Oh well, we will see.

    Thanks again you all. Happy Holidays! :heart:

    p.s. JM! I read your posting within the eBay thread and was heart broken for you sweetie. Keep your chin up...he can keep his stinkin' ring bag! :cursing:
  6. Can any help me please, I can't see how it's a fake bag or real. Too hard to see.
    This is going to be the most expensive bag tht I will ever pay, please help me check these bags. They are selling the same color. -Jimmy Choo mahala. tegoryZ63852QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmd ZViewItem 92924&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=002

    Please help me. thanks.
  7. I emailed the seller after posting the question here, he said it was bought in Europe and comes with a dust bag and card. I figured it was after reading that reply. Thanks for your help.
  8. Both these bags look authentic!:tup:
  9. Thanks for your support. I already have that same color bag in the Radiant, but it is kinda big for me, so I was hoping to get the Ring and possibly sell my Radiant.

    Yes, absolutely escalate your Paypal complaint. She has been notified by Paypal and still has not contacted you. You have attempted contact thru ebay messages and left telephone messages for her. If she has a valid reason, like an emergency, then that's one thing. But don't wait too long to file. Keep us posted...:heart:
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