Authenticate This Jewelry

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  2. Thank you for your input!
  3. I'm having a high hope that this could be real, but please input your opinion about this Tiffany item, I would appreciate you!
    And may I ask if all we look is comparing the details with the its pictures on Tiffany website, what about copyright and other engraved, can they be faked?
  4. And for this T Square bangle, one I found on fashionphile, and one I found from the seller on Ebay. I don't know which one is real then, or because product year?
    Please educate me with your knowledge :smile:

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  5. Hi,
    I might be on a jewel buying spree, but can anybody authenticate this?

    The dream necklaces usually have two Bulgari rings for length on their official website, but I've seen several sold ones, just like this one, on sites like 1stdibs with just one ring. Maybe it's on older model? Does anybody know if these necklaces were also made with just one Bulgari ring and a plane other ring for length?

    This is the one I used for comparison, the markings look to be of good quality, so I'm a little confused.

    It also always confuses me that my Amulette de Cartier XS does not have the extra CC charm but others do. Help!
  6. Found this locally. I know it’s real silver but not sure if it’s authentic Tiffany?
  7. Found this little lock at a carboot sale was wondering if its real dior its has good weight in it but not sure thanks

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  8. Attached Files:

  9. Hi can someone please authenticate this Cartier ring for me

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  10. Hello,

    I was hoping someone could help me authenticate this? Huge thanks in advance!
    Item: Cartier Love Bracelet (Size 16) purchased in Cartier in London (Bond Street)

    Thanks again! c.jpg c1.jpg c2.jpg c3.jpg c4.jpg
  11. Hi guys..
    Can you guys please please please help me authenticate these Tiffany&co glasses?..
    Thank you so much in advance ‍♥️

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