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  1. Thank you.

    When I find out what the metal and the stones are, I'll update. (It might take me a while.)
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  2. Hi - I have a question about an onyx holiday VCA pendant that I found on eBay from a very reputable Japanese reseller. This pendant looks authentic to me. However, I noticed that the VCA/serial number tag is oriented differently from other VCA pendants. I have attached a photo of the onyx pendant compared to the 2018 holiday pendant I bought directly from VCA for comparison (the tag on the 2018 holiday pendant is upside down compared to the onyx pendant). Can the placement of this tag be random?

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    The style is called an eternity band/eternity ring. The 58 could be a total carat weight (TCW) mark, as in .58 carats, or a tad bigger than 1/2 carat. All those holes on the inside are strange and not typical of a gold ring set with gems; normally it's either smooth on the reverse or else it would expose the bottom of pave set diamonds. This is neither. Sizing a ring like this would be either prohibitive or impossible.

    There are at-home kits for testing gold/silver, in which you apply a drop and the color change shows the content.
  4. Hi! I recently bought a Yurman cable bracelet in citrine/14k gold. My main concern is only one side of the tips is stamped. The other is blank with no DY. Does anyone know if that’s a sign it’s more than likely fake? I compared it to an authentic 5 mm I have and it’s slightly thinner and lighter in weight. I have major concerns about authenticity. Here are some pictures. The ones with 2 are comparing my authentic pearl bracelet with this new one I bought secondhand. The grooves of the cable aren’t as deep either. Any input would be greatly appreciated! IMG_6319.JPG IMG_6321.JPG IMG_6322.JPG IMG_6325.JPG IMG_6329.JPG IMG_6328.JPG
  5. Hi all.
    I am sure this has been asked many times before i am looking to purchase a cartier love ring and one has come up for sale but the seller can not confrim the authenticity.

    I have tried to look for tell tale signs on forums and other sites but there does not seem to be enough info out there for me to make a educated guess.

    Please can anyone help or have there input as to what they think.

    Many thanks.

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  6. hi everyone I hope this is the correct place to post this

    I need help with this watch
    Womens Cartier Panther Diamond
    Seller information
    goshortcut-online (2498
    Bay item number:

  7. Hi everyone, I’m new here, and I have a question about the authenticity of the pieces provided by this business, particularly the VCA alhambra pieces I was planning to purchase. This Instagram page, ‘diamond.drip.jewellers’ sells a lot of jewellery, and it seems to be priced lower than usual. The authenticity certificates for VCA also seem to be different to what I’ve seen before. Could you please help me authenticate?
  8. Unfortunately, authentic VCA will not be selling for 1/3 the normal price, especially for new releases.
  9. I can't see the prices but at a quick glance, they could either be selling refurbished second hand jewellery, or counterfeits, or a combination of both.
  10. I have a cable bracelet purchased from a DY boutique that's only stamped on one side.
  11. Hello! Can anyone help authenticate this Cartier Mini Love ring in platinum?

    Thank you in advance!

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  12. I need your help authenticating this watch, please.

    It was purchased on an auctionsite and I bought it in 2005, before I knew about fakes other than obvious plastic Louis Vuitton bags.

    It is difficult taking better pictures but there are Gucci logos on alæ the smaller parts.

    On the front it says

    “Gucci logo”
    Swiss made

    And on the back


    On the inside of the strap it says Gucci

    And on the inside of the buckle it says

    R (in a circle)
    Gucci 10 m/m (I think)

    Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

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  13. Good afternoon,
    I'm currently looking at a Cartier love bracelet and would love some assistance authenticating it if possible please as I'm very new to this.
    I've attached the pictures the seller has sent and can ask for more should they be required.
    Thank you so much for you time and expertise :smile: ad_0_1559630777951.jpg ad_1_1559630777959.jpg Screenshot_2019-06-04-17-10-52-93.jpg

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  14. This is so fake :tdown:
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