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  1. Hi

    Can someone remind me how to authenticate VCA? Ie the cost
    I bought a pair of Van cleef diamond earrings from FASHIONPHILE
    I just compared w the ones in Van cleef and the ones in Van cleef actually felt like lighter ( in wt) gold.
    Does anyone know if the weight of earrings has Changed over time??
  2. I submitted a post a week ago and have had no response. Post #808. Any help would be appreciated!!
  3. Hi all, first time poster a long time lurker ! I’m in the market for my first love bracelet 18 karat yellow gold, I’m going to take a look at one tomorrow morning for sale by a private seller(via someone selling on Facebook market here in NYC) everything so far looks OK but when I look at this serial number and looking it up online, there usually is a space between the three letters and numbers .... happy for any insight any professionals on this form might be able to give me


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  4. Hi, will someone please take a look at this David Yurman bracelet to verify authenticity? 20190422_191543.jpg 20190422_191746.jpg 20190422_191726.jpg 20190422_191613.jpg
  5. My German is more than a little rusty, but I think I see “only one earring” in the description. I have no idea about authenticity, but that may account for the price.
  6. OMG I'm blind. Haha! Yes, that might be it.
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  7. Hi there can i have this please return to Tiffany and co necklace authenticated please :smile: many thanks!

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  8. I've never posted on the jewelry subforum so I hope this is the right place.

    I found and took a chance on what I believe might be a genuine 14K diamond ring. ($2.99 at a thrift store so it was worth taking a chance.)

    I'd never heard of 585 as being 14K but the clerk told me this isn't gold because it only has "58." But it looks like there wasn't enough room for the "5."

    It's missing one stone and if genuine, I will invest in a stone and have the ring sized to fit me. Is it worth getting an appraisal?

    I hope my pictures (through a magnifying glass) are good enough. If not, I can try again later.

    Thanks in advance!
    fullsizeoutput_73b9.jpeg fullsizeoutput_73b8.jpeg fullsizeoutput_73b7.jpeg fullsizeoutput_73b6.jpeg fullsizeoutput_73b5.jpeg
  9. Hi BeenBurned, it’s a beautiful ring! Great find. Does it have any other marks? How much does it weigh? The number 58 could be the size so check the diameter- it will measure around 18.5mm if it is the size marking. Appraisals can be expensive, especially if your really not sure that the piece is worth it. You could always take it in to a local pawn shop as if you wanted to sell it. They can do the acid test there and then to tell you what metal it is. Finally, if it is real and you want to size it, it will most likely cost quite a bit as it looks like the setting is a full band. Hope this helps [emoji253]
  10. Thanks for responding @Canturi lover

    Would 18.5 mm be the inside diameter or outside. OD is about 20 mm and ID is about 18 (or maybe 18.5. (It's difficult to measure.)

    I don't have a jewelry scale to weigh it but the quality seems better than costume jewelry and that's why I took the chance on it.

    I will take it (at some point) to a pawn shop or jeweler for testing.
  11. The inside diameter will be around 18.5mm. I’ve never seen costume jewellery that has the size engraved, so on that basis, I think you have a great bargain [emoji253]
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