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  1. I think they are fake. They look really rough. not to mention the hallmark does not look similar to the real one at all. those are my two cents. look for experts' opinion.
  2. Desiblonde could you authenticate my necklace?
  3. Sorry, not Desiblonde. Goodluckday could you authenticate my necklace?
  4. sorry, i am not an authenticator. just because i have vca jewelry, i can tell the difference between mine and the one i commented on. However, I do not have any Cartier brand a result, I was not able to provide any opinion.
  5. Thank you for responding, I do appreciate it.
  6. Thanks
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  10. IMO, I feel the "Cartier" logo is too big, but this seems like it is the old screw system! Better if someone who owns the old screw system for the love bracelet chimes in! If this bracelet is a fake, counter fitters are very smart to make the exact "Cartier" logo!
  11. Thanks CartierLVer
  12. Can someone please take a look at two David Yurman rings and tell me if they are authentic or not. I took them to my local DY store in Houston and the DY Ambassador who looked at them in detail said they were in fact unauthentic. However since DY is unable to authenticate she wasn't able to put anything in writing for me. She did tell me that she weighed each piece and knew immediately they were fake. She also said the stamp isn't a DY stamp. She said that DY only sold this ring for a short period and it only in a limited color selection and these two weren't one of them. The rings supposed to be morganite and prasiolite. She said these rings are neither color. I'd like another opinion before I submit a claim with PayPal. The seller said they were authentic. IMG_9112.JPG IMG_9114.JPG IMG_9115.JPG IMG_9116.JPG IMG_9118.JPG IMG_9119.JPG IMG_9120.JPG IMG_9121.JPG IMG_9124.JPG IMG_9126.JPG Any help on this style is appreciated!
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  14. Hello, I’m a VCA newbie and I’ve been looking to acquire the large YG frivole earrings for some time but every time I see them on ann’s, they get snatched up so quickly! As luck would have it and my prayers answered, a pair with a box and certificate of authenticity popped up one night when I was having trouble sleeping (talk about luck!).

    Anyway, I jumped at the opportunity so quickly to put down a deposit for layaway and now I’m slowly reviewing the photos and I’m feeling worried especially with the photos of the stamping at the back. All the other stamps I’ve seen say “VCA 750” but this one says “VCA G750”. Additionally the serial number on the ones I put on layaway are 2 letters and 6 numbers while the ones I’ve seen are 2 letters and 5 numbers; I understand with newer models the serial number will be longer but I’m still a bit antsy now.

    Ann’s is a reputable reseller and I know if anything happens they’ll give me my money back. But in this case I really hope these are real and I hope a Van Cleef pro can just confirm they are authentic so I can finally be happy with my score. Thank you so much.

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