Authenticate This Jewelry

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  1. more pics
    1329F221-93F7-46DF-BE70-3EF01E8863D6.jpeg A10334FE-F496-4534-A7E4-083C5E6173B3.jpeg 46648283-F084-43F2-BF9C-D8E400DDC1D6.jpeg 4B49D16B-EC1A-44D1-9DFC-94E5CBBE0992.jpeg
  2. Good morning everyone! I’m in desperate need of some assistance in authenticating a Cartier Love Bracelet I recently purchased for my wife. I want to ensure this is legitimate ASAP.

    Attached are the photos I have and am happy to provide additonal photos as requested.

    Thanks in advance!
    34F1E2B3-ADD3-45C0-81D1-F6636EDF3AF5.jpeg 558288B4-ED2A-4688-9A47-AB069ED56DBA.jpeg 85B71033-48D5-4BEB-8A35-9E365DD5DC02.jpeg
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  4. I wanted a David Yurman bracelet with emeralds on it, and had a very hard time locating one. I found one on Tradsey, and purchased it. It arrived today and I'm not sure it is authentic. I am not a Yurman collector, but I received one as a gift that had my older daughter's birthstone, and I decide that I had to have one with the other as well (bc she said I had to! lol) Could someone please authenticate it for me?

    Thank you so much for your assistance.

    4.jpg 3.jpg 2.jpg 1.jpg
  5. Hi. Sorry for delayed response. Yes, it did come with an authenticity card and the box and dust bag. I don’t have it on me right now because they are at school and I am home for break.

    Is that good?
  6. Hi all,

    Got this at an old vintage shop downtown. can anyone help me in indentifying if it might be real? The old shop lady said it is due to the stamping.
    B8119524-82C0-4EEA-9150-4796E1241587.png 96287E38-F962-4254-A095-CC884F9ED5FD.png
  7. I’ve never even see this brand before but that necklace is so unique and absolutely gorgeous! Gonna go hunt for one now : )
  8. Hey guys I got this necklace from someone on Facebook. It looks like the front part is blank and it has Return to Tiffany on the back. Did Tiffany ever make this design? Also there's no writing on the bar of the toggle.
    IMG_7322.JPG IMG_7442.JPG IMG_7450.JPG
  9. Hi there. I saw these Tiffany Bracelet on eBay. Could you tell if it real or fake? Thanks :smile:
    5E4E38C4-998E-4044-A766-6F28920CEE41.jpeg C8D08A2C-D86A-4122-9E87-C7F96A30190A.jpeg
  10. Fake. The links are wonky and sloppy and not even soldered shut.
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  11. Hi there can someone help me authenticate this Tiffany’s necklace? Got it for $68 off of eBay! I already took it to someone who has lots of experience with Tiffany’s and is was deemed authentic but just want to make sure.
    3E3C79D9-D1EB-49A4-9599-A5BD2E9C5AEB.jpeg 2BEF2570-2237-48D6-B334-95611C86250B.jpeg 1B1E77A8-87AA-43AF-9693-5B9997C92828.jpeg 814CBE16-722C-430E-9153-8C45514D1B0D.jpeg 62D55B9A-B782-4E9D-A579-BC2AB46CBF99.jpeg
  12. I am trying to figure out if the VCA sweet alhambra earrings were ever made in lapis. If not, that should end this discussion. If so, can anyone tell if these are these fake?
    s-l1600-1.jpg s-l1600-2.jpg s-l500.jpg s-l500-1.jpg
  13. Hello!
    This is my first try authenticating a Cartier Mini Love Ring in 18kt yellow gold. The seller claims she bought it at the San Francisco boutique but has no authenticity card. I have two real Cartier pieces and both have little red leather portfolios with the serial number, etc. She doesn't have any paperwork. This ring is my size (very difficult to find pre-owned). Please help.

    The item is here on eBay:
    I hope someone can help me!
    Many thanks in advance!
  14. If she really bought it at the SF Boutique, ask her if she will call and obtain a copy of the paperwork. As the original purchaser, they should be able to obtain it. There are also other alternatives: 1) buy it and take it into Cartier and ask them to polish (they will run the serial number) if it's not genuine you will know right away; 2) ask her to provide the serial number and see if Cartier will confirm authenticity. Please note however, they may refuse to do this for a number of reasons; they want you to buy from the boutique rather than the secondary market; they may refuse to do this w/o seeing ring; and finally, even if they were to run the serial number this would only tell you that the serial number is valid, not necessarily that the ring is authentic.
    Bottom line, make the request; if nothing else, her receptivity, responsiveness, type of response or lack of response may tell you everything you need to know.