Authenticate This Jewelry

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  1. Ladies, just received my JUC bracelet. Could you please help me to authenticate if it’s authentic or no. Thank you so much!! Here are some photos.
    D5D76846-3098-4BED-AC7A-C5D6A4C203D0.jpeg 922F9FF1-7892-4CC8-ACA2-4B11F16CA447.jpeg B78215EA-DA3D-4111-AF9B-12A93DC20D6F.jpeg A0AB68BB-0826-4E9F-8031-795CFE03EFB4.jpeg 05D96733-A654-44DD-96A5-E22C5A815C09.jpeg CC66841E-A062-4C8D-AF1B-E023892E371E.jpeg
  2. Hi there,

    I'm new to the site and was recommended to me as I need an expert eye over a Tiffany ring that I was given. I was told it was from the 2014 Notes collection which has now since been retired. I have my hesitations that it is authentic for the following reasons:

    - the weight of the ring appears to be too light
    - the engraving on the ring is not deep enough
    - the location of the lettering is not central for example the ‘T’ in Tiffany and ‘F’ and the ‘A’ in Fifth Avenue are off-centre (photo)
    - the ampersand (&) is too big and has therefore been chopped off at the top and bottom of the ring (photo)
    - the box is not the same shade of blue as an original (photo)

    I would be interested to see what you think. Many thanks for your advice. _20181108_144901.JPG _20181108_144931.JPG IMG_20181108_145626.jpg
  3. Hoping someone can tell me if this bean necklace is authentic. Also does anyone know if these scratches can be polished completely out by Tiffany? I did also post about this in the bean thread but figured I’d post here as well. Thanks in advance! IMG_1078.jpg IMG_1077.jpg IMG_1076.jpg IMG_1065.jpg
  4. I am not the absolute expert but a jeweler collector. The 750 stamp which could mean its 18 carat gold is normally not placed on top of the bracelet but mostly hidden on the backside and smaller and normally has the same logo (a 750 placed into a rectangle shape.
  5. Whether the watch is authentic, look up the serial number (probably need to detach the band), check it with the year that matches the serial number. This is a first.

    Check the back of the watchcase, what does it say, or does it say nothing?

    Check the movement of the chronograph and check whether this complies with the type of watch produced in that year or claimed it is to be.

    So many things can be said...
  6. Maybe I am wrong but why not post a serial number? It’s not a password, and serial numbers can even be looked up online in registers. Serial numbers are unique and can be seen on many packaging etc and are not kept secret mostly. So I am curious to know and maybe your warning will give me more information.
  7. could anyone authenticate this trinity ring? i don't have a Cartier store where I live, so purseforum's my best bet for info.

    This auction on ebay says that the item does not include papers or original packaging. But, from what little I've seen, it seems like the heart stamp=MiF?

    can anyone confirm this? thanks
    Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 10.04.44 PM.png
  8. Help authenticate? I bought this on Ebay on a whim without asking for proof of authenticity and I want to get my money back ASAP if it’s counterfeit. The seller said they do not have proof of authenticity.
    9D7124E6-660F-44A6-9ADB-EEBBE1038521.jpeg ACD91A1F-927C-4D35-B0F8-230321ED839B.jpeg 9F33F7FF-CA5E-478A-8FE2-3C16C0683A61.jpeg
  9. Hi,

    I posted last week about wanting the Trinity Cord Bracelet. I finally got it and I love it! I bought it from Fashionphile and want it authenticated.

    From what I've seen on PF, the rose gold ring of the bracelet has Cartier engraved inside along with some letters and numbers. Here are the pictures below (sorry it's so bad quality pics, I only have my phone at school). In real life, the engraving looks great but the pictures are a bit blurry!

    unnamed (1).jpg unnamed (2).jpg unnamed.jpg unnamed (3).jpg
  10. Can someone help me authenticate this Tiffany’s piece?
    38BBFEEA-11A4-4C7C-8092-F647EFE04965.jpeg CA0ED0E2-5B8D-48CA-99FC-1774ADCB0337.jpeg
  11. Hi I recently acquired this Tiffany’s bangle for $50 and would like to know if it’s authentic? I’ve come across faux Tiffany’s pieces before but I’m stumped with this one.
    4DA2F34C-A9F1-4F11-B273-EA800758E0AA.jpeg 334EE344-8298-4ADE-A40C-5BD620AD30CD.jpeg A8EBCEEC-A138-44DB-A44E-A62A095022C6.jpeg
  12. Thank you so much ;)
  13. DBE91E8D-D46D-44CA-92D6-B166E6DE6FC3.png F28DC135-20D7-43C2-89C5-4C30CC62559E.png E14DC03D-1933-4DF0-8CDF-ED913D52A06F.png F51B4E7F-6F09-4EF8-B87F-B922ED6C52BB.png BD26378C-333B-45D4-A347-BD2BD6DD89EA.png Hi, I’m new here so sorry if I’m not in the right place! I need to find out if a Michele watch I bought is real - I’m in the UK, bought it off eBay but not sure and haven’t seen anywhere in this country that sells them to compare.