Authenticate This Jewelry

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  1. Hello i am a new member i want to buy this preowned cartier lanieres ring. Can someone help me with the authenticity? Ur help is much needed. Thank u
    6DDFD1ED-C618-4664-B8CA-CD7F0D625BE8.png 12F2CFA8-F031-49CF-902F-2DB557E7629D.png 8D5D7209-52E1-4B11-AFBC-C98600C6EDD8.png A34C6C46-E631-40E9-9D31-40BD18085EFB.png 7BF821DE-64BD-4B5B-BAF8-1C5812750810.png 352E008E-2805-492F-80E6-B5D57F74A0A9.png 04FF8ED1-E977-4F1B-AB10-3F793BE10733.png
  2. Can anyone tell me if it's an authentic vintage cartier bracelet or not? If yes, can you tell me the name and it's value? It weighs 22.80g k18. Thank you for your help!
    IMG_20180908_162534.png IMG_20180908_162455.png
  3. Item: Tiffany necklace
    Seller: darkangel07760
    Item number: 232933183658

    Comments: The letters in "NEW YORK" look funny.

    I'm not sure why a seller would only show 1 picture of such a highly faked brand. Is the picture enough to verify?

    Thanks in advance!
  4. I stumbled upon this ad on ebay and not sure if this Cartier love ring is authentic. The seller claims they found it in the bathroom at a beach club in Los Angeles. They are not positive if it is real, but are guessing that it is because it looks exactly like the real thing and feels heavy. They say it is defiantly made out of very high quality material. These are some of the pictures they included. Is this an authentic Cartier love ring. Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 2.48.35 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 2.48.46 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-09-23 at 2.48.51 PM.png
  5. Hi,

    I bought this DY bracelet. I have two new from the DY store. I've always trusted yoogiscloset but now I'm concerned about the authenticity of this bracelet. The picture of the bracelet is exactly the same as the one I received.
    What's throwing me off is that the cable bracelets are all 14k and this is 18k. I just realized this.
    Did they ever make the 7mm in 18k?
    I noticed alot of the cable bracelets sold by yoogiscloset are 18k with the same 750 instead of 585.

  6. Can't tell from the listing since there are no photos of any hallmarks, but having multiples could mean that they're a reseller.
  7. If you taken it go Cartier they can likely determine the owner because each ring has a serial number.
    I find it abhorrent that this seller “found the ring” and decided to keep/sell it.
  8. Hi. Good day. Please help me authenticate this watch. Thank you in advance. IMG20181021103758.jpg IMG20181021103827.jpg IMG20181021104112.jpg IMG20181021104301.jpg
  9. Thank you! The hallmarks are very small on the bottom since hte pendant is so petite, but they appear to be legit and the chain is correctly hallmarked. I think it was in a dust cover from another item (cutlery) so that is what threw me off. Thanks again!
  10. Hello, I won this Juste in Clou auction. Size 15. The seller claims it’s authentic with the money back guarantee policy. I just wanted to ask you to Help me to authenticate it before I pay for it. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and the box. Thank you in advance!
    2757D00F-1610-421A-8CAF-904FB24490E3.png 50A3F055-335E-4AC3-AC7D-A9CB4A21EF71.png 100F50F7-A86A-4970-8723-D285F795FD9F.png
  11. Last summer, I bought the "perfect" Cartier love bracelet fake on ebay. Thank god, I was Paypal protected. I am a goldsmith and jewelry designer and it took me a little while to figure this out. I mean less than 5 minutes but even though it was really great. It came with all the paperwork and certification looked good. Plus, it was sold by a ebay seller with over 10K reviews and member since 10+ years.
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