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  1. Hi,
    I bought this necklace on eBay years ago. I would like to sell it but I do want to make sure it is authentic.
    16" end to end heart is 1 inch wide
    the bar is 1 inch that says Tiffany & Co. 925

    I would appreciate if you can authenticate the necklace for me.
    Thank you
  2. Nothing sticks out as being fake but it would be helpful to see the signature on the toggle in a clearer photo. The shape of the heart and the placement of the signature look good but to know for sure, a close up of the toggle bar is needed.
  3. Is it possible to get these photo's to enlarge or post them in larger scale? Its very hard to tell, because I can't enlarge them and see the finer details.
    tiffany bar.jpg

  5. I am sending new pictures..
    thank you so much for your help
    tiffany good.jpg tiffany good 2.jpg tiffany 1.jpg
  6. another picture left out
    Again Thank you
    tiffany side good.jpg
  7. Both the necklace and the key ring look authentic to me.
  8. Hello,

    Can someone tell me if this DY ring is authentic?

    Thank you!!




  9. Hello! Can someone please authenticate this Tiffany Oval Tag Bracelet. I have purchased authentic bags from this site in the past, but the engraving on this particular bracelet looks different from the engraving on the Tiffany's website. Thank you for your assistance!
  10. i purchased it online and it came with tags and all, and i am positive it is authentic i just cant remember the name of it...i'm selling it now and i want to be sure i name it correctly...i'm thinking it is medallion? or paved? thx ladies!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.