Authenticate This! jewelry or Seller!

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  1. Thank you very much rhiannon223!!!

  2. Thanks sadiesthegirl!

  3. 1. Nothing jumps out as being fake but I would ask for more pictures to be sure
    2. I would like to see the back of the pendant but so far, it looks good
    3. Looks authentic to me
    4. Need more pictures, close up’s are important for this piece, the photo posted does not allow me to really get a good view of the pendant
    5. Authentic.
    I used to work for Tiffany’s in the early 1990’s and speak from experience. As a side note, never consider the pouch, box or care card as a factor in deciding fake/real. Some of the items above show authentic packaging but without a close up (not saying the items above are fake but if you don’t get close up photo’s, do not consider the box/pouch/ribbon/card as a factor ) I would never authenticate something based on the package. Many counterfeiters will photograph a fake with real packing, hoping that it makes the fake look more ‘real’. The only reason I typed all of this out is because some of those listings show a authentic pouch and box, but it’s the close up photos that are important.
  4. Thanks! :smile:
  5. Hi sadiesthegirl

    Thanks so much for your help! I've requested for more pics some of the items. And thanks for sharing with me the fact that some unscrupulous might just photo a real box with a fake necklace...

  6. Is there anyone who can help me authenticate my Franck Muller watch. I inherited it from a relatives estate and have done much research to try to determine if it is a true Muller or not. Markings on the back indicate all the usual signatures, however, there is no "No.", only the insignia FR-38 CASABLANCA. Also, there is no marking on the face that labels the watch as "Swiss Made", although I have seen other authentic Franck Muller's that do not have the "Swiss Made" stamp on them so it is again difficult to tell. I can't seem to find any information on this type of Casablanca model in the research I have done. I have even tried taking the watch to an authorized Franck Muller watch dealer who was of absolutely no help and could not identify the markings either (didn't seem like they knew much about Franck Muller watches so why they are considered an authorized dealer beats me!). If anyone can help with more information, I would be considerably grateful.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    IMG_1670_2.JPG IMG_1665_2.JPG
  7. Hello everyone,

    Can you please authenticate this Cartier Trinity pendant/ chain? I impulsively bid on this item but I'm now worried that it's not real. Did Cartier make ridged Trinity ring pendants? The triangular Cartier "jump ring" with the clasp seems odd. Also, were these items sold together or are these pieces from different items?

    I haven't paid for this auction yet and the seller has a 7 day return policy but if it's not real, I'd prefer to not even receive the item.

    Thank you for any help you can give me!
  8. I think there are not all can you help me to find the real ones :smile:
    i think i know it, but i would like to be sure .. THANKS ♥











  9. 1. The bag on the right of the picture is authentic, the left one with the white sheet in the bottom isn't right

    2. It's a little hard to tell the boxes from the pictures, I would say authentic

    3. Authentic

    4. Fake

    5. Authentic

    6. Authentic

    7. Authentic

    8. Authentic

    9. Authentic

    10. I'm not too sure on this one, i'd say it's genuine but i'd want to se the popper underneath the top to be sure

    11. Fake.

    Just out of curiosity why do you only need packaging authenticated?
  10. Thanks ♥
    You sure about Nr.2+3 ?! i would like to you say, Fake !? Hmmm

    I've bought a fake Necklackes,and i will send her back,but not with an real box :smile:
  11. I admit the text on 3 is a little bold and it is possible that 2 is fake due to the spacing and the and "&" but it's kind of difficult to tell without handling them. Newer boxes and older ones vary, do you have any more close ups and pictures of the insides?
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