Authenticate This: Isabella Fiore buried treasure

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  1. Johnny Depp's credit card should come with that purse!!!!:yes:
  2. Ha, I KNOW! I can't help it, I love it. All my other bags are so practical, I need a whimsical one. Def don't wanna pay full price for it, though!

    yo-ho-ho ;)
  3. Anyone? (Did I post this in the wrong forum?)
  4. Hmmmm....I'm getting a bad feeling. I don't know why. I'm thinking this for several reasons. I'm a HUGE ebayer - I mean, I love to buy and sell on ebay and would never dream of duping someone, but it's a scary place if you don't know what to look for. One thing I did was look around which is such a scummy place in MY opinion....and noticed that this bag was being sold there too. So it is being replicated. Then I went onto eBay and did some searching under more reputable ebay sellers and one thing that I noticed is that on the "fake" one, Fiore's name doesn't show up on that little buckle on the side of the strap. It's just plain on the fake. There are a couple of authentic ones on eBay right now - one in particular that shows TONS of closeup pictures it shows her name. The fakes all have her plaque on the actual leather, but that's so easy to do. It's the little details. I'll try to look at some more giveaways too - like those charms. I can almost bet you that the fakes did SOMETHING different....maybe they're not as heavy, or maybe they're missing some of the goodies...I don't know, I just feel that we all need to be really educated in spotting fakes before we buy.....:smile:
  5. Thanks jchiara! I didn't end up bidding, since I wanna be sure what I'm getting into first.
  6. just in case your still looking for this bag I just purchased it on I have lost so much money on ebay I am scared to take any chances. It was a little over 500 and free shipping. :smile: my hubby wont be happy but I sure am......
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  8. I'm glad you didn't buy that. It's a shame someone paid over 200 for it. I too use Ioffer as an ebay tool. It's really amazing to me that they can fake just about anything. The Pirate IF bags are such a big deal so I guess it's no wonder they got busy counterfeiting them.
  9. I just purchased what I thought to be an Auth Isabella Fiore Buried Treasure-Kelly hobo brown handbag and wallet. The handbag and wallet are from two different sellers I know I'm a little late on trying to purchase this bag and wallet as far as what is in style now but I had other bags on my list before this one. I haven't received the wallet yet. Well, I received the handbag today. I have a strong feeling that it isn't auth. I had never seen one in person so I believed the sellers words that it was auth. I wish I could of come across this website first and maybe I would of done a better job detecting a replica from the real thing. I'm very disappointed in the quality. I have several Auth. Isabella Fiore in other styles and the quality and workman ship of those bags are surperior. The bag I received today doesn't seem like the quality I would expect of an Isabella Fiore Bag. I don't know how to approach this matter to the seller without getting negative feedback. Plus I want to be absolutely sure before I approach the seller and try to send it back. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I go about this? :confused1:
  10. Do you have an pictures or can you post a link to the auction?
  11. How about taking some pics and posting them in the Authentification section of this forum? Someone here must own one from a shop and be able to verify... Take pics of the stitching, tags, front, back.... I don't know what else... anyone any input??
  12. Can I post the link on the Authentification section of this forum?
  13. She offers a full refund less shipping within 7 days. I say go for the refund as there are legitimate questions to the authenticity and proving to Paypal in a claim that that bag is not authentic is not as easy as it seems or should be. And best to avoid a situation with a guilty seller who might be resentful or defensive about authenticity. Checking the sites that offer fakes is a great way to see if there are fakes out there and if there are of the style you are interested in purchasing I would ask for authentification in the appropriate forum here from our most knowledgable tpfrs. We are so lucky to have this resource.

    BTW, I have sold a few IF in my time. I am not all that familiar with this design but my gut feeling is not a good one- just one look at the patch which is way too opaque unless it is just the pic. Good luck!