Authenticate this I'm not a plastic bag

  1. Absolutely fake, check out her other auctions. She is selling multiples of this bag in all types of color combos, a sure sign that ALL of them are counterfeits. Stay away!
  2. I've just begun researching these bags myself. I saw the pink and thought it was cute too, but it's definitely a fake.

    My daughter is a pink nut and would love this one, but something about knowingly buying a fake just makes me uneasy.
  3. i started researching them too and they were never made in pink! grey, dark green, brown, navy blue and lavender (very limited 500 pcs worldwide)
  4. pink was only in asia wasnt it?
  5. What the?

    How hard are these to authenticate? My mom had one that she uses for groceries. I have no idea where she got it. I was admiring it, so she gave it to me. I use it for my groceries now. I thought it was like a $2.99 bag. You know, the kind you can get at the check out if you want to be nice and not use the plastics. If I post a pic, can someone tell me if it's the real thing? Or are there things I can look for on the bag itself?
  6. ^^ sure post a picture.. or pm it to me.