authenticate this hermes please, it's an old one!!

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  1. hello,

    i shall show a few pictures, and i hope you can help me!!

    greets ann

    thank you all
    23580353_1-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg 23580353_2-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg 23580353_6-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg 23580353_4-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg 23580353-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg
  2. another picture
    23580353_3-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg 23580353_7-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg 23580353_5-hermes-vintage-birkin-gekorreld-leder-met-gouden-hardware.jpg
  3. Oy, no!
  4. i thought so, but i did not seen a real one in real thats why i ask here

    thank you

  5. Who is this seller? I noticed the pictures language is in Dutch? Just curious as I am Dutch too.
  6. we have a thread for these questions.
    Please post any authenticity questions in the Authentciate This! sticky provided.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.