Authenticate This HERMÈS Bag-Read 1st post before posting!

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    Does the stitching on the bottom look authentic?
  2. This is authentic. Seller says it is A in a square. The bag has brown resin, it cannot be Rouge H because this always has black resin. Due to the date of the bag it should be Rouge Vif.

  3. Thank you!
  4. Dear ladies, can you please authenticate this Hermes Jige:

    Item: RARE! New HERMES Classic H Flamingo PINK 29 Elan Jige Epsom Clutch Bag

    Listing number: 171358795238

    Seller: sergeic/ Sergei Luxury


    Comments if any: I have read positive feedback about this seller on this forum. Just wanted to confirm with you guys as I have not purchased Hermes from ebay before and just want to be cautious. Thank you.
  5. It is authentic.
  6. Can I ask what gave it away? Was it the stitching? (just for future reference)

    Thanks so much for the help!
  7. Its features are inconsistent with an authentic Hermes Birkin.
  8. Item: Pre-Owned Hermes Birkin 35CM
    Listing number: 44345590

    Hi. I'm from the Philippines and I found a nice deal on a Birkin from the site, I contacted the seller and we meet up and she let me touch the Birkin and it is soft and smells like leather. I believe it is legit but I still want to know your opinion. She said she got it from a thrift shop that sells authentic bags in Japan and she says that it looks as legit as her friends' Birkins.

    Kindly authenticate.

    Thank you!
  9. Fake. There is no point asking about authenticity on a bag selling for this price, really. If you are seriously interested in obtaining an authentic bag, suggest you read up on the price, familiarize yourself with the colours you are interested in and above all, buy from a reputable seller.
  10. She told me she bought it for 150,000 as 2nd hand that is why she is selling it for a low price.

    What makes it fake? I mean, let's set aside the price.

    Some pictures

  11. It has many features inconsistent with an authentic bag.
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    I'm very conflicted if this is real or fake:
    Item: HERMES Birkin white clemence Leather Gold Hardware 35 cm Bag Q?year

    Ebay listing number: 261504070013
    Seller: k_collection_chanel

    Please help authenticate